Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If it's news...it's news!

Tonight my oldest daughter Taylor (who BTW, I really wish I would have named TaylorAnn...it would just fit her so well) showed me her pride and joy....the family newsletter.

Have you heard of nine year-olds doing such things? Um...ya, this is what happens when you take the cable away.

Anyway, she was quite thrilled with all the latest happenings around our house. Because didn't you know that this is the most exciting place to live.......ever? {ha} At any moment you might catch a little breaking news happening around the home front.

Like.....today's headlines could have been and should have read something like, "Girly War X On Horizon". And it quite possibly could have been loud enough to shoo some geese out of our yard....just possibly.

But instead the breaking news on Taylor's lovely newsletter included just the regular stuff like whose birthday is next, who has what activities coming up, how much money everyone owes everyone and oh yes...a little thing called the "Annual Taylor Vote". (don't know exactly what this is all about but this child is surely to become some politician with all the voting we have going on up in this house)


However, there is some news on this mind of mine that I feel like I must share with some of my favorite people.

I'm going to do it.

What you ask?

I'm going to finish writing the book.


I know you want to know...

Well, there's a big reason and one that has given me a mist of hope. But, I don't want to get into all the details right now because I'm still not sure of all the details but I know that my next step is to finish the book. Nothing is a guarantee but...what is anymore?

So for the next few months I will slowly but surely click cluck this thing out. I will hash through the chapters and get it all done somehow, someway.

And the title......."The Unlikely Prom Queen"......the message? "Be The Unlikely Candidate".

You like? I hope so.

I'm excited, I'm WAY nervous and feel very unlikely (ha ha) but I know that through Christ everything is possible.

So, it's news. And news.....is news. ;)


Technonana said...

Intelligent child, much like her mother! Praying with you for your "new thing".

Kelly Combs said...

I love the title of the book! So cool! Oh, how I hope things go well with you. I've shelved my book idea (pun intended). But I may get back at it one day. :-)