Monday, October 19, 2009

A new thing?

Sometimes I hear people say, "I just know God's doing a new thing in me."

I always thought, "Oh that's nice. Yay God." {wink}

But, the past few weeks I have felt just like that....that's He's been doing a new thing but...WHAT?...I don't know and How?.....I don't know and...Why?......I don't know that either.

Regardless, it's a new thing.

But here's the thing...sometimes I think, WE THINK, a NEW THING is a fun, exciting, rockin out time. For me? It's not been so much fun.

As I'm typing this post, my middle one, HopeAnn, just came in and asked me if we can put on a Veggie Tale's movie about Joshua and the wall around Jericho. {side-bar: Can I just tell you how upset I will be when my kids grow out of veggie tale movies? Because I will have a really hard time remembering these vital bible stories without all these silly songs.}

Of course, her timing is perfect.

I am watching a celery stick speak to my heart in more ways than one. She (the celery stick) is singing the worst quality of singing I have ever heard in my life, but words that are piercing through me.

"His plans may not make sense to us but He has the best in mind."

So as I'm stepping foreword into some new things, I have some butterflies in this heart of mine. Because it's an un-known territory. One that I don't think I have any business being on. But ones that I know only God could have placed in front of me.

I am having to let go of a lot of things right now...a lot. But I also realize that as I let go of those things God is going to be able to fill that space up in my heart. He will.

This past week, I finally heard back from one of the publisher's/agent I met with at She Speaks this summer. When I saw that e-mail pop into my in box I think the whole world stopped spinning because I have been waiting so long to hear from them.

It wasn't what I hoped for but it wasn't bad either. The agent, is just swamped right now and I totally can see that. So she has referred me on to one of her co-worker's. And that means that I shall now start this process all over again. least we are making some progress. Even not the news I want is still progress.

And no...I don't plan on giving that dream up. I believe with all of my heart that God has a plan for that message He put on my heart and the world of publishing is harder to break through than anything I've ever seen. And I mean EVER.

One of the recommendations I got this year at the She Speaks conference was to put a website together that I can send to ministry leaders of who I am. This is a super hard step because I am not one for all. But...I do see the very wise woman's point who gave me this advice.

So over the past few weeks I've been trying to rack my non-techy brains to put something together. And because I don't want to spend any money on this until it's necessary, is my new bestie. ;)

I'd love for you all to check it out the new site:

It doesn't have fancy pictures, or graphics's just a simple site for a simple girl. It's a new thing but still the same girl. Also, if you are trying to get out there as an author/speaker wordpress is an excellent free site for you to use! And ps-this is blog will still be where I blog. ;)

So today, I'm not waiting...I'm not anxious...I'm just moving foreword with a new thing. I promise to be back up blogging more and getting back to some of your sites. Thanks for your support, your love but mostly for your continued prayers....they mean everything.

Much love,

Nicki :)


Kelly Combs said...

Being referred is NOT a rejection! I think that is just exciting. So keep the faith! Heading to check out the new site.

Anonymous said...

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