Monday, October 12, 2009

Hey there friends.....

I know I've done this before but I'm going to take a little (or long) bloggy break and facebook break.

No really big reasons other than the Lord is just asking me to give it up right now. I need to hear from Him and this computer seems to be my number one distraction and way to check out.

I did want to post today to let you know that the Live, Laugh, Love retreat has been cancelled. There was a mistake in our registration at Fort Casswell and if you have already registered I apologize and please know that your funds will be coming back to you this week.

It was heart-breaking to have to make that decision but I do know and realize that God's timing is always right and this just must have not been the right timing.

I love you all and if you need me please e-mail me at

Much Love,


ValleyGirl said...

These breaks are good for us from time to time. And eliminating distractions to better commune with God is always a good idea. I have a problem with the computer, too, but slowly (VERY slowly!!), it's becoming a little less of an issue. Just another constant battle, I guess.


Kay Martin said...

As you know I had to break without warning the readers.

Bless you in this time of new church, new school etc.

The conference will become even more when you bring it back to us. God blesses us sometimes by helping get His timing lined up with ours. Your conference is such a beautiful idea...later is still good.

I miss you and I will love reading your blog when you return.