Friday, July 31, 2009

Today is a big day...

I woke up early this morning to the first day of the last year of my 20's. And while this is a big event in itself, there is so much more that comes the rest of this day than just a big birthday.

At 2:45pm today, I will stand before a person that I have never met, doesn't know me from Adam, and will hold a great decision for my life in their hands.

I will share with them where my heart, soul and mind has been for the last two months until the wee hours of the morning where the only peace and quiet can be found.

I will lead them through an outline that will uncover the depths of my soul and my writing.

I will do my best to have an awesome hair day {winks} and an outfit that has all the right colors, accessories and no wrinkles.

And more importantly, I will pray that the Holy Spirit will take over this broken down Jesus girl in a way that I could never imagine.

It's a big day.

There are lot's of emotions. Lot's of excitement. Lot's of nerves.

My heart is filled will much as I write this today. There have been some things that have happened this week that have shown me that the enemy is at work in my life like never before. There are people that I have loved, respected and prayed sincerely for that have betrayed me. And for what? I do not know.

But I want these people to know that I love them. Just as Christ loves them. And I forgive whether an apology is ever given or not.

Because that's what my Lord would do.

And I think that God's hands allowed all of this to happen this week so that when I stand before these publisher's this weekend, the message that He has given me, "The Unlikely Prom Queen: God's encouragement, stories and passion for the Unlikely Candidates" has come to full circle in my life.

Because never has there been a more unlikely girl, than this one sitting right here.

So it is with great hope, peace and the grace of God that I move foreword on this day. I hope I have awesome news to bring you on Monday. But I hope more than anything.....I hope that I please my God today through all of my efforts. I hope that when He's sitting upon his mighty throne gazing into that little room where I will stand today, that He will point His finger at me and say, "That's my girl."


I love you all and I pray God's blessings upon you today. If you are a facebook friend I will be updating throughout the weekend of what God's doing.

Sweet blessings friends....sweet blessings.



Robin said...

Oh sweet sister, I am praying for you! And I know that whatever happens, God's best will be had in you today!

Anonymous said...

I love you ! you will do awesome this weekend. Happy Birthday!


Bethany said...

Happy Birthday to you! I am praying for you today! I know that you will do an amazing job! You have worked so hard and have been waiting on this day for a long time! I can't wait to hear how everything goes!

JenB said...

Well that made me cry a little! I'm so excited for you! God is doing big things. BIG things!! Prayed for you this morning. Can't wait to hear!
And Happy Birthday!

Louise said...

So beautiful, So precious.
You are amazing and an inspiration and I am thinking of you today!!
ALL the best!!!!

Technonana said...

Beautiful Post and one that I know many of us can identify with, not because we are writers, but because of the many times that our lives are put 'on stage'for others to view... As your sister in Christ, I am also proud of you and know that you will do exactly as the Lord as willed for you!
Love in Christ,

On Purpose said...

Happy Birthday Nicki! Oh girl as I pray over you this morning...know my sweet friend that Our Daddy is smiling big on you today! He loves you and adores you...You are His Likely...You are chosen by Him...and He has GREAT blessings and love to lavish upon you. I love you my friend!

Faith said...

So excited for you!! I've been praying for you and I can't wait to hear what our awesome God does this weekend. Just remember that above all, your goal is to please Him, and you are doing just that!

And, Happy Happy Birthday to you!!! I'm not far behind you in this last year of the twenties =(

Mimi C said...

Nicki, Dad and I are proud of you! It doesn't surprise me about how God is working in you. You are an evangalist and God is going to use this book that will materialize! What a birthday!!!! Love mom and dad

Ginger said...

Keeping you in my prayers.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Nick, you are wonderful and a sweet child of our Lord. I pray for you and I'm so happy that you are at this exciting stage of your life. I have read your posts for so long now and I feel so much like I know you. You are going to be great in your 30's. I will be starting in my 60's next month. It's a blessing, as so many never get to be as old as me. I will be excited to hear about your proposal. You're a darling!

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I must apologize. I went back and read. You are not going to be 30 until next year. You are still a pup to me. love you girl