Monday, June 01, 2009

After a little controversy...

(**Note to reader: I had originally posted this post last Monday but took it down after someone suggested that it could be offensive by using the word gehtto. But after much consideration and input of others I decided to re-post it, because it was just to darn funny of a situation to......not! Please, Please note that I am in NO way using the word in a racial way!! Nor do I ever wish to offend someone with any terms I use on this blog!)

Well, Happy Monday to you. ;) And, Happy Memorial Day!

What a great weekend we've had complete with a major highlight of my HopeAnn getting dunked with Jesus (aka: baptism)! Nothing makes a momma's heart prouder than a child who wants to be bold for the Lord. And HopeAnn is most definitely that girl. God's got something special for her life and I can't wait to see what it is!

So, Saturday we made another trip to the Carowinds.

Which is indeed turning into the Ghetto-Winds.

Pardon Moi.

But, when the ride operator on the Oh-So-Traditional-Mary-Poppins-Carousel starts a "Woot Woot" know such things are ch-ch-changing. Me. Oh. My.

However, we've come across a wee bit problem with our Season Pass of fun.

The older girly's just aren't as thrilled as the Kennyboo to wait 30 minutes to sit on a blue and pink jet that goes around in endless circles. They just seem to need more...thrill.

So the daddy and I try to divide and conquer! Which leaves me....with, the Kennyboo. Watching those blue and pink jets go around, and around, and around.

Now, there are lovely things about sitting for 5 minutes while your child goes on the oh so thrilling endless circles ride. One of which includes being around the "other parents".

I mean, don't get me wrong, I've too shed a tear or two here and there and shot a gazillion pictures to capture the shear happiness that is expressed on that seemingly brave toddler's face, who is exploring the world for the first time with Jenny and the Jets. Those are some priceless moments.

But there was nothing priceless about the moments ahead. Nothing.

Usually the parents gather around the gates of the rides to try to snatch that picture perfect Kodak moment, every-single-time. It is surely some type of protocol for parents of tots on rides.

But this mother, me, yours truly....I see those five minutes as an opportune time to people watch. One of my most favorite activities.

Children on the Jenny and the Jet's ride can be found oh so lovingly waving and oohing at their mommas and daddy's while they come around and around.

But Kennedy....she knows.That her momma is not waving, not smiling and not giggling endlessly because she is writing a her head.

So she smiles and waves at the other parents and thinks nothing of it....because this is what her momma does, writes blogs, in her head.

Have pity on her ok? Puh-lease!

Because that girly needs more pity in her life....yes she does.

I must say, those ride-operators of the toddler happy place...they are some special people.

Because it takes a one-of-a-kind person to want to listen to the annoyance of an airplane buzzing noise, screaming tots, annoying over-protective parents who don't think their child will remain in stable condition for the duration of the ride and the "woot, woot" contest going on the carousel right behind your jet station...for 8 hours none the less?!


Then you throw in there one or two psycho mommas and their day is just totally complete! As was this day.

After I buckled up the Kennyboo for the "ride of her life", I took a seat on a near-by bench. Complete with gum stuck to the seat, that ended up on my rear end...lovely, just lovely.

And I noticed right away that there seemed to be some type of major conflict on the Jenny and the Jet's ride.

I quickly glanced at my Kennyboo who was fine pressing her overly annoying buzzer button and giggling who?...I don't know, but she was fine. So I turned my attention back to the commotion, because that was way more intriguing than the Kennyboos annoying buzzer and giggles at the clouds!

And then I heard it.......the great mother of all mother arguments between two mommas.

It seemed that there was a great deal of distress from a little boy in a "blue jet" momma, since another bigger boy in a "pink jet", decided that pink was for girls and blue was for boys and since there were no other blue jets he would indeed just go ahead and climb into this blue jet with little boy.

Which BTW, was only made for one little boy, not one little and one big...just to clarify. ;)

Because, I am quite sure the boy thought it would be shameful to ride in a "pink" jet, and it might cause to gender confusion that would lead to such instances like in the previous post, where clarification of genders must occur on a regular basis.

You know?

And that would just make us all crazy!


All these deceitful transactions occurred without toddler town's Jenny and the Jets ride operator to even...notice.

It was pretty darn sneaky if I do say so myself. Major prop's to the four-year-old!

Well, as you can guess one certain "blue-jet"-boy's momma was quite displeased with a certain little sneaky attack.

In which she then began shouting to many people around her, and perhaps including me, because again...the gender confusion thing because the Kennyboo was in a blue jet....something to the sorts of: "Whoever is the momma of sneaky, rotten, wanting my son's blue jet boy that is...better git him off NOW."

And I do believe she said...."git".

Because we live in the south.

And that's how we talk peoples.

At this point poor toddler town Jenny and the Jet's operator man, was quite flustered about all this commotion! Because toddler town customer's aren't supposed to have such sneaky tactics and perhaps the Gehttowinds, I mean, Carrowinds owner's didn't completely train Operator Man on how to handle such si-tu-a-ti-ons.

They are just trained on the "woot woot" contests and the such.

So because he was wearing a shirt that must of reminded him of being a referee, he then shouted to the momma's and boy's in question in a most authoric voice: "Your out!".

Because I think he was...confused...that we were at a ball game, and not the Jenny and the Jet's ride?

By this point boy-in-pink-jet momma had presented herself and we all quickly learned that she didn't like this ruling and she would be indeed contacting a "higher power"!

Because her boy had just as much of a right as any boy to ride the "blue" jet, not the "pink"....and could she get a "witness?".


No. Sorry momma in question. Not helping you out here.

And then I suddenly became the momma that the Kennyboo always dreamed of while awaiting the excitement of the Jenny and the Jet's ride: "Smile baby girl! Wave at momma! I see you!"

Click! Click! Click! Giggle, Giggle, Giggle!

Because there was no way I was about to jump into that mess! I got my blog entry.

Although I'm quite sure the blog entry would be much more fascinating with the after effects with the "higher power" of being the "witness" to such a situation. But, I politely declined....


And so I think, perhaps, to avoid all future "gender confusion conflicts", we should indeed color any future Jenny and the Jets Rides...yellow.

Because it's "Neutral", you know? :)


the alleys said...

hilarious. :)

Sharon Brumfield said...

And I agree girl...your recount of the days events are funny!

And I remember the day when Julia and Michael were will always be a beautiful memory in a mother's heart. :)