Tuesday, June 02, 2009

This is me...inviting you! ;)

Hey there, all my bloggy friends.

Ok so...I just want to give you that much needed "personal touch" today. hee hee. ;)

I realize that there are some people who read this blog every day and never speak a word, other's who kuddos me or give me frowns, other's who e-mail me, call me and stop me out in the world to say hey. But I realize that most days this is just a one-sided conversation.

But let's just pretend you are on the other side of this screen (oh ya...you are!) and we are conversing for the moment. Ok? K. Roll with me.

You are the leading role, (Of course!) and I have the "supporting role". ;)

Me: "Hey my friend! I love you so much and I wanted to tell you that today!"

You: "Really? Awe....I love you too."

Me: "Ok, since I love you so much I would be oh-so-disappointed if you felt you missed out on this amazing opportunity!"

You: "Oh! What, tell me tell me!"

Me: "Well you know I've been going on and on about this Live, Laugh, Love retreat...right?"

You: "Yes!"

Me: "Well, here's the thing, I would love to have a bloggy meet up at this thing! It would be WAY fun! And you would be so blessed by coming anyways, meeting other bloggers....it will just be icin on the cake!"

You: "Oh yes! That would be so much fun! Count me in! I'm going to sign up right now!"

Ok....you just read your leading role line!

Now go...run....as fast as you can! Sign up today!!


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