Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When the hate stops.

Hate is a really strong word. It is.

But I think you and I would be surprised at how much hate is fueled in the hearts of others and even ourselves. It almost brings tears to my eyes to think of the lines that can be drawn in our lives through the word, hate.

It creates sin.

It creates division.

It creates hearts to be hardened forever.

It creates jealousy.

It creates anger.

It creates fear.

In periods of my life, I have gone through circumstances that have really lead me to feelings of hate in my heart. Honestly, there have been people that I have looked at and thought nothing good about them. Some people are the obvious like rapists, murderers or liars.

But sometimes, it's the not-so-obvious that get me the most.

The people that we respect, admire and look up to can sometimes lead us to a road filled with hate. And the sad thing? They don't even realize what they are doing. And we don't realize what they've done until...it's too late.

It pains me to think about lives that are forever effected in a negative way based on one person's feelings of hate.

Today I read something on someones facebook page that led me to some very strong negative feelings. People that are placed in high positions in this world by the hands of God should never use their platform to fuel negativity. Yet, they do. And this person in high position chose to use their efforts today to fuel their own feelings of hate.

And what does that do? It creates more hate. After I read what they wrote, it created a spiral effect into my heart. I snapped at my girls, I snapped at a text message and before I knew it I needed to get on my knees and pray. Does that person have any idea what their one comment spurted out? Probably not. Does it matter to them? No.

But to me, it did.

A person that has the ability to change lives and turn hearts to God's kingdom wastes their efforts on producing more anger, more hurt and finally more...hate. It's an honest shame.

But I think in each of our lives we can discover that we have the same ability as a pastor, a well-known author or speaker. Each of us have people that are always watching, always listening and always hopeful that we will move them closer to the heart of God rather than further away.

Whether or not we realize such truths, the fact remains that each of us are given 24hours. 24 hours to make a difference in this little place called, earth. And our efforts can either remain earthly where things like hate will remain. Or we can turn them eternal where love will dominate.

It's a choice. What will you do? Stir hearts to God or stir hate to people?

I know what I want -the hate stops here.


Jami Balmet said...

This is a great post!! Thank you for sharing!

I agree, hate can start so quickly and spread even faster! We need to recognize that hate and stop it before it fuels more hate!

Thanks for sharing this!

Running the race said...

As I read your post Nicki I am reminded of something I read awhile back. When you sign up to be a leader you are always being watched by others around you. The question is do people see good or bad. But they always see something. Unfortunately leaders are not perfect and still are work in process as we all are. Don't let your joy be robbed by one person. There is too much good going on :)

Leanne said...

What special and beautiful thoughts. Life is good when you look for the good and you do that, quite obviously. The world needs more folk like you....from an older stay at home mom with 4 daughters and a son with another stay at home mom. Lots of stay at home mom's could fix the problem of hate! Keep teaching kindness