Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Eve.

It's 8:30 pm on Easter Eve. My girls are all snuggled in their beds, heads adorned with curlers, bellies full of pre-Easter candy, nails painted all shades of bright spring colors and their very Un-traditional Easter attire hangs in their closets ready to be worn.

Their baskets are filled with a few fun Easter things. Eggs have been dyed and ready to be hidden. There's one special money egg that everyone will be looking for [myself included]. And my bed and my pj's are calling my name.

Yes, it would seem I am quite ready for the Easter morning.

Except for one thing.

No, it's not that I haven't reflected on this weekend. From Maundy Thursday to Resurrection Sunday, I've pondered it all.

I've thought about the great sacrifice that was made.

I've climbed through passages of scriptures to remind me of each event that has occurred.

I've prayed for my pastor and other pastors who will bring the message of etnernal destiny to lives tomorrow morning.

But the one thing that I have yet to do as of this moment is, to let you know about one of the greatest walks I have ever taken.

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to go to Israel. While there we did many amazing things but none can compare to when I walked the road, Via Dolorosa.

It was one of the most erie places I have ever walked. I remember looking at those cobble stones beneath my feet and thinking such a simple thought, "I bet this hurt to walk on." Even in the midst of a hot day, it felt very cold, very cold.

There were all kinds of people around. Some were selling things. Some were praying. Some were worshiping. And even some, were much like myself -simply stunned.

When I walked that road, honestly, I was just a Jesus girl. I was young and had no idea what it truly meant to be a broken down Jesus girl. Up until that point in my life I had never experienced great pain or suffering. But I did come to understand, even through tears, the painful road to suffering that Jesus took.

It would be only a few months later after that trip would my whole world change and would I truly think of that walk on that road, Via Dolorosa, as...a gift.

We can be moved to tears from a movie, a play or even listen to a sermon about Jesus and the cross. But until the depths of our souls experience even just a taste of suffering, I don't know that we fully appreciate all that was done for us.

But...the suffering was not without the victory!

I learned that even the greatest road of suffering ever walked, Via Dolorosa, led to the greatest victory that has ever happened.

The Resurrection.

The day after we walked Via Dolorosa, I sat in the garden that many believe was where Jesus was buried. I have to say, I believe it too. There is a great presence of God in that place and the beauty that surrounds it just cries out for a sign to be posted: Jesus was here.

And when I walked into the tomb, I saw. He's not there. He's not suffering. His body lays there no more.

Believe. Trust. And know...that Jesus...he's your Jesus. And he loved you so hurt. No greater love than this will you or I ever find.

So while from Thursday until tonight, Easter Eve, we have had great reasons to reflect on what Christ did. To thank Him, to even cry tears of disbelief like I did that day on the road Via Dolorosa. But's time to get your celebration on! Easter is coming in the morning.

It's done. He's Risen. Suffer no more. Jesus won!


cherishing_every_moment said...

You are so right Nicki, we don't fully appreciate the sacrifice that was made for us. Thank you Jesus! Where would we be without him!?

Have a wonderful Easter- and take some pictures of the girls in their non-traditional outfits :-)

cherishing_every_moment said...

PS-Loved the video, I'm borrowing it for my blog!

Karen Hammons said...

Great post and video! Thanks for sharing!! :-)