Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday.

So listen. I am obnoxiously excited about something.

Elevation Church is doing something incredible this coming Sunday. And I mean, incredible!!! They have rented out Time Warner Arena and we are all coming together from each of the campus's around Charlotte and having one big incredible Easter Celebration!! I mean, have you ever??!! [see, I told you, obnoxious with all the !!! and ???]

But, I wanted to personally invite any of you who don't have a church to attend in the Charlotte area. If you need someone to pick you up, to sit with or just the extra nudge to come on, then please e-mail me at: and I hook you up with all that. :)

For more details on this amazing event check out:

The other awesome thing is we are egging the city. Oh yes, Egging the city. :) With love that is. They are collecting all kinds of goodies for ministries in the area and all that info is on the church site. So check it out!!!! [ok, ending obnoxious punctuation]

I've never participated in MckMama's Not Me Monday posts but they always look like fun. So surely I can come up with something in this life that I'm forever saying, "NO, NOT ME." So because Monday's can be such a drag after an awesome weekend, I thought I'd give this a try.

First, I think it's really awesome when children are comfortable with their bodies. I mean, I think it's a good thing. But I think it would be incredibly awkward for the man cutting the neighbor's yard to see a four-year-old girl in full birthday suit attire on the trampoline. It could be very weird to him. And he might re-think his business venues in our neighborhood if he heard a mother threatening a child's life if she didn't put her clothes back on!

But, nope, that didn't happen to us.

And parents, I would never allow my child who is not old enough to ride around town without a booster seat. Because, I don't do that. [wink] And while going through a license check I would NEVER tell her to sit up straighter to appear taller. But while the cop was "inspecting" the vehicle, I would never flirt with him in order to move things along and hope that he paid no attention to that back seat rider. Never....nope, not me. That's way illegal.

Everyone goes grocery shopping. Right? I mean, we all have to do it. But let's face it, there could be nothing worse than someone who lets one rip in the aisle and then walks off. It's HORRIBLE. I mean, horrible. Why do people do that?

And perhaps there are children in this world who might call someone out this disgusting attack by shouting, "EWE....what stinks?!". And I would never start laughing hysterically and whisper, "Busted" as we passed him in the next aisle. Never. Because that, would be way immature. And hello, I am almost a ripe age of 30. [ahem]

Finally, in efforts to attempt getting a certain little boo to stop sucking her thumb...I know it would tragically damage her emotionally to inform her that I just read an article on children who sucked their thumbs completely off. I mean, that could like make her cry or worse...tell her teacher at school. But I, no, I would never do that.

Because that's not me. [wink]

[ok, so that was fun...but that sad thing is, I could've made this post ten pages long! come back Wed for another giveaway ok?]


Running the race said...

Nicki, I am excited to be able to be part of the action at Elevation Church this weekend. Can't wait to see what God is going to do!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

You are SO funny Nicki! :) :) Mississippi