Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No title required ;)

Today is Veteran's day. I'm so thankful to live in a country where we celebrate the ones who have stepped out in service, risking their lives and sacrificed so much to keep our country what it is. So if you are a Veteran, I thank you for what you do!

It's a little odd having a day off in the middle of the week but my girls sure weren't disappointed when I picked them up from school yesterday. ;) I had high hopes for the day to include sleeping in and lot's of closet cleaning but I guess the Kennyboo missed the memo on no waking up before 7am. {she happens to miss a lot}

So we shall attempt the closet cleaning here shortly. And I'm sure it will not be without drama.

I've been trucking along with my re-vamped book proposal and two chapters for submission over the past few weeks. But I have to be honest, it's been a little overwhelming. No, I don't have a time crunch or anything like that but I also don't want time to get past me, as it has been.

I have to admit that I feel way in over my head and never knew what a treacherous task writing a good book proposal was. The one I put together for She Speaks, it wasn't very good. And I worked hard on it, but this is a learning process and I am thankful for the agent I spoke to that is willing to guide me through it.

But I love to write. It's becoming a pure addiction! When my fingers get flowing with my words it's like I'm dancing on a keyboard and the thrill is unbelievable. I lay my head down at night and think of quotes, titles of chapters and unique ways to describe something. Throughout the day I feel like I'm constantly trying to put thoughts into real practical words.

And there is nothing more awesome than to be up until the wee hours of the night when all is quiet and getting lost in those words for hours.

I think the biggest battle as a new writer is discovering my own style. In this market, there are hundred's of books out there, possibly even thousands of women who can write, good writing isn't what it's even about anymore.

Even though perfection is not attainable, it's good to know that and put your strength into the God who is perfect! I have also gleaned from other's that much of this process is about discipline and time management. I cannot just write when I feel like it, because if I did that, it would be once a week when I get "inspired". But I also cannot neglect the rest of my life through this process either.

The affair with the laptop is a REAL battle. ;)

So I am thankful for this blog, that gives me permission to write as I please. It doesn't have to all make perfect sense and I don't have to spend hours on one sentence. :)I don't have to have a clever title and I can ..... as much as I want and :) :) :) as much as my heart pleases and I can !!!! or ???? and not think twice about it.

Ok, thank you blog-land for the break but well closet drama awaits. And I know you are so excited for me. {wink}

Much Love,


Kelly Combs said...

I too am thankful for our veterans today.

And I too love writing and appreciate the informality of blogging. No rules!!! Just fun writing! Woo!

Have a great day!

Sharon Brumfield said...

We too are at home today...kind of strange...but how great to remember those who are serving and have served.

I have been dealing with a little of the book stuff too...kind of frustrating. There are so many books out there...I am just standing on the fact that if it is God's will that the book gets will. I guess I never thought it would be something that I would we will see what happens. Keep writing....God will get the words to the ones who need it!
And yes, you are right....thank heavens for this blogging world and the freedom it gives.
It was good hearing from you. Hope the closet got cleaned! :)