Monday, November 09, 2009

And then she turned....7.

I heart this girly very much. I mean, I heart all of my girly's and I know there is like some secret mommy law that you cannot have favorites....and I DO NOT...BUT...if I had to have a favorite personality of all of the people in my crew, it would be this one's....HopeAnn.

Yesterday she dawned on a new era of her life, that of a 7-year-old. Time is flying by, and I try to treasure each and every day with these girls...but sometimes I just wish they could freeze and be this sweet...forever.

Hope is just one of those people who make life better for everyone. She is such a great helper and a super thoughtful person. She sees a need before it arises and steps up to see what she can do to help. She has a tender heart and will melt at the drop of one mean look but she is a warrior for her God.

Hope is a worshiper. She is constantly singing and bringing life into this home of ours. I wouldn't be surprised to see Hope on a stage one day singing for Jesus....she loves Him and shows it through her songs.

Popularity comes easy to her because of her kindness to everyone. She always has a funny story to tell me of who is the new BFF this week. But if you ask her who her BFF is, she will say everyone.
Being the middle child is rough, especially in world that seems to never stop revolving around one certain said child in our home. {Ahem...} But she does her best to speak her mind and stand up for what is right.
So Hopie, you keep shinning like a star and rock out this world for Jesus. You are an amazing girl and we love you so much! Happy 7th Birthday Sweet HopeAnn!

Your Crew


Mimi C said...

I so agree with all that you said about our sweet little Hope! God has got something big for her! Still can't believe she is 7!!!

My Army Brats and Me said...

Love you girly girl:)

Faith said...

Happy Birthday sweet Hope!!