Thursday, November 05, 2009


Did that title make you do a double take? Maybe?


That is the word that changed my direction this week. You see, in the midst of everything that has been going on, I have felt a little less than adequate for much lately.

Teaching a bible study this week on geting rid of the noise and clutter in life was the last place I had any business being. In fact, I should have been locked up in my room with some M&M's and a Lifetime movie. Truly.

Because life just seems to be full of noise and clutter lately. Things, situations and frustrations that keep me from getting to the voice of God. Things get so loud, so chaotic and so crazy that sometimes I wish I could plug my ears, stick out my tongue and say, "NA NA NA NA". Seriously. Much like this six-year old of mine does.

But, have you ever wondered what the loudest sound in the world was?

Was it an airplane taking off? Was it a rocket going into outer space? Some crazy kids on electric guitar blasted on full? Or even the deafening pitch of the Kennyboos screams? {for sure}

Thanks to Mr.Google man, I was able to determine what the loudest noise this earth has ever experienced.

Krakatau. (click to discover the awesomeness yourself)

And through that silly name....God changed my heart through that word in a way that I never expected. For me, Krakatau shaped an image to the lengths that God will go to grab this heart of mine. When He speaks it's loud, it shakes and it moves in a massive way. One that I nor anyone else can argue or say isn't so. It will spread wide and it will be clear that it is Him.

So as I laid in my bathtub the other night in the midst of a melt-down, God said, "Well, are you gonna call out for it?" And I said, "Call out for what?" I'm quite sure He rolled His mighty eyes at me and said, "Your Krakatua."

"My Krakatau?"

"Yes, ask for it."

So I did. My tears shifted to a chuckle as I prayed for God to send me my Krakatau. I needed to hear from Him, I needed Him to rescue me and make me believe that He was still a mighty and powerful God.

10 minutes after I prayed that prayer, God sent me my Krakatau in the form of a phone call. One that gave me a deep breath of relief, fresh air and hope that God was watching and in control.

"The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them...." -Psalm 34:13

When the whispers of unbelief start to rise to a shout, when the noise and clutter of life become a tool for the accuser to use, the King will rise and take His place and will send us a Krakatau.


Unreasonable Grace said...

The thing about melt-downs is ... God is always there to sop up our mess, isn't He?
Loved the visualization you painted with a "melt-down" followed by a Krakatau!

Anonymous said...

Being the nerd that I am, I actually read an entire book about Krakatau. That even changed the lives of all who lived nearby. Its affects rippled across the ocean. Even the weather around the world was affected.

Such it is when the Lord speaks. His voice carries much power and authority and changes lives forever.

Mimi C said...

Great post! I asked dad if he hear of have one up on him! Be patient my daughter! You are hearing from God. Name it and claim it! Love Mom