Friday, November 20, 2009

Let's dance.

This post is dedicated to my bible study girls. I had to cancel this week's study since my boo was sick and it stung my soul to do that. I look foreword to bible study probably more than anything in my life right now and refuse to let anything stop us from meeting. But sickness came...

However, there are some deep spiritual truths that I don't want anyone to miss. And maybe my five readers on this blog will appreciate it too. ;)So for today and Monday I will be posting some thoughts from this amazing bible study, in hopes to encourage other's along this road.

This week's lesson was on a heart that pursues God, no matter what. (And BTW, readers we are doing Do You Think I'm Beautiful by Angela Thomas)Angela talked about several of the roles we can take in our lives:

1. A Prodigal(Luke 15:20) - Been there, check
2. The Elder brother (Luke 15:25-31)- check
3. The Church Lady- check (I'll tell you more about this in a min)
4. The Dangerous woman- check, but need more checks beside this!

I have been the prodigal child. Many times. Even maybe recently in my life. But there's a spiritual idol in lives that I want to break from anyone that I can. There seems to be a stigma with those who once went astray. That they can never change, they can never truly be made whole and you are better than them if you didn't walk the road they did.

Maybe it's not something that is spoken, but it is implied in the hearts of many women time after time, and it shows. When someone returns to the Lord, whether it be after a week of running from Him or a is something to celebrate! I love this quote from Angela: "Life is much too short. Dance the happy dance with someone today."

Who do you need to throw a block-party for today? It doesn't have to be extravagant or extreme maybe just a high-five, an e-mail that says "You are awesome" or just bragging about them to someone.

I would like to take this time now to do just that.

It's for my mom.

My mom has been a strong-solid person her whole life. She rarely falls apart spiritually, she knows where she stands on pretty much everything. She can be a bit stubborn {smiles} but she will also be your biggest cheerleader and fan in this life if she believes in you. I think my brother and I can both testify to that.

But this new obstacle in her life called, has thrown her for a loop. She has not been able to be the strong one all the time anymore. She has had to be vulnerable and she has had to let her guard down in a new way for maybe the first time in her life. This woman who works 60 hours a week has had to stop and pause for the first time in a long time. She has had to reflect, listen and be still....something that is an honest struggle for her.

It's been hard to see my mom this way. It has. I don't like to think about her suffering, going through this alone at any point or even wondering if she goes through all of this the possibility that it could come back.

But a beautiful thing has happened in her life. She is closer to God than I have ever seen her. She is relying solely on Him for discernment and direction. Her entire hope to overcome this is based on His truths that He has given her. She is journaling and running like crazy to Him every day.

She reminds me of the things in life that are worth stressing over and the things that are not. Her perspective has changed. I hate what she is battling, I do, but I love what the battle has done to her soul. And it's because she has chosen to let God win, not the cancer.

My mom has cried many tears and said, "I don't know how anyone could go through this without God." I couldn't agree more....

So Mom, today I am doing the happy dance with you. We are not through this battle yet, but victory is on it's way. I love you.

Who do you want to dance for today? Leave a comment and let's dance together.


Jennifer said...

That was a precious post, Nikki. You are very blessed to have your mom with you - and her influence on you...even in this time.

I immediately thought of several special people I would like to do a happy dance with...and I am going to do that! Thanks so much.

Sure wish I could be part of your Bible study:)

Jennifer said...

As soon as I posted my comment..I thought - I spelled her name wrong - so sorry about that!! I type faster than my brain thinks...

Thanks again, Nicki:)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Thanks Jennifer! I'd love to do YOUR bible study. :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I love that you have someone in mind that you want to do the happy dance with! :)

Mimi C said...

Thank you Nicki for your absolutely beautiful post! Thank you for choosing to dance with me!And yes blog friends who know me, everything Nicki says is true.

I am a control freak in every sense of the word and I have had to give that up:) well significantly modify it since this darn thing called cancer could care what I want. Yes God is doing a transformation in me and I am loving it!

I am meeting new people that I would have never met. Heard teachings from Holly Wagner from the Oasis Church in CA had breast cancer. She is soo inspirational and is gifted in teaching what healing means. I would never have even considered the fact that God wants his Kids well! That means even me!

Then I fast forward to this past Wednesday and how hard it was for me when I am told after stressing out preparing for the 2nd round of chemo..too bad your white blood count, immune system count and blood platelets are too low. Go home and we will try again next Wed...What???

What about Thanksgiving? You don't get it! Yes we get it. Your body doesn't! once again the control freak is challenged and lost!

I am so proud of you Nicki and the woman God is shaping you to be! In our weakness He is made strong. PS blogger friends your prayers have made the difference. Love Mom

Wylie said...

Just beautiful! So blessed to wander over here today. I hope you have a truly bessed Thanksgiving.

Clerk said...

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