Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And then....He turned 30.

Today there is a man entering a new era of life...his 30's.

My hubs. Kris.

30 is a huge birthday and if I was a good little wife I would have had spectacular things planned. But since I am also up for "Wife of the year" along with "Mother of the year"...not to much is happening around here. Plus....we are broke. Ugh.

Truth be told if money were no object, I would do many things.

For example, I would take him here:


And then I would buy him this:

Then he would sign this:

Which would state that he would never drive out of our neighborhood until each of our girls are grown and gone. {wink}

And to top it off, I'd have my hero:

Make something ridiculous and over the top like this:

But instead....honey you get this blog post in which I would like to tell all five of my readers what an awesome guy you really are. I don't get you don't get me sometimes...but I know under all the layers to you, you are a dedicated and loving man. Your girls love you and appreciate all the hard work you do for our family. Thank you for fighting for our life together and for running hard through everything you do.

You are my Mr.Fixer and I'd be lost without you in all these never-ending projects.

It's not always peaches-n-cream but it is always an adventure.

May the next 30 years of your life be as fulfilling as these first. And one day, we'll do all the awesome stuff we dream of.

Forever your girls,
Nicki, Taylor, Hope and the Boo.


Kelly Combs said...

30! *snort* I feel old. Happy Birthday and may you both be blessed with many, many more!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ! I love you all. I do not need a motorcylce and a trip to hawaii as long as a have my 4 beautiful girls.

Mimi C said...

Happy 30th Birthday Kris! Thirty's are much better than the 20's! We appreciate having you as part of our family! You are a great husband and father. At times you live in a crazy house with 4 girls which gets you an extra prize!

Faith said...

Happy Birthday to your man!!!