Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Without Love, it's nothing..

I am so happy to be back up and on a schedule this morning. I love switching things up a little but I have missed my regular blogging and hope to get back on track this week!

I just wanted to update you on a few things since a couple of you have asked. I haven't heard anything back from either the publisher or agent I met with at the She Speaks conference. I will be sure to let you know if I do and what they say. It's not in my timing, it's in His and I trust that He will work all things out when it's time. :)

The Live, Laugh, Love Retreat is still on and ready for you to register! Sarah and I met this weekend and got lot's accomplished with the planning and this is not going to be something you will want to miss. Click here to get all the info you need.

The She Seeks site has an awesome devotion this week so be sure to check it out and we are having a giveaway so click here to find out all about that!

My mom is doing ok...she's going through a lot right now and I know she appreciates and feels each of your prayers for her. She is still deciding on the route of treatment for her and is meeting with dr.'s for second opinions. I will keep you posted. Also, my sweet nephew Asher is having his second surgery this Friday, this is a very serious surgery and I know they appreciate your prayers too. I will keep you posted on that too.

Ok, onto this morning, the Lord had me up very early because He is really prying away at this soul of mine. I have had so many emotions the past few weeks that I have felt a little bit like I've had SBD. (Spiritual Bipolar Disorder)

Do you know what that is like? It's like these huge waves of emotions with the Lord. One minute TOTALLY trusting....the next TOTALLY freaking out. One moment dancing in the arms of Christ...the next sitting the dance out. One moment of laughter...the next of tears. One minute peaceful...the next uneasy.

I mean, it's been quite a ride here lately!

But you know what I've noticed...our God, our great Jehovah...He is a God of excellence, meaning He does not mess up. And I long to have more excellence in Him in my own personal walk with Him. And excellent walk with Him...not just an ok one.

Because you know what? God just isn't really interested in those who fake it.

And can I confess that all to often it's a lot easier to be fake than it is to be real? But, personally, I think being a fraud for Jesus just isn't good enough. It's just not.

Is how we are living our lives protecting the name of God or shaming His name?

Do we think we are really doing good when we are not?

As the Lord lead me back to a sweet passage of scripture 1 Corinthians chapter 13, I was reminded of what it means to live a life of excellence in Him. It's all about love. And it's not about self-seeking love. It's all about the love that He gives us that should be pouring from every step we take in this world.

I came up with a list with this passage of scripture to help me remember that without love in it....it's really nothing.

1. If there's envy in it....it's not love
2. If there is pride in it...it's not love
3. If there's boasting in it...it's not love
4. If it doesn't protect...it's not love
5. If there's anger in it...it's not love
6. If there's rejoicing when someone falls...it's not love
7. If it's giving up...it's not love
8. If there's a lie with it...it's not love
9. If it's self-promotion...it's not love
10. If it's anything but with love...it's nothing

I don't know about you but I am thankful for a God that will carry me through to help me rise above. Because the flesh side of me doesn't want to love always. But here's the amazing part....When Jesus is in it...He surrounds it. When Jesus is in it...His love can't help but pour out through every crack and flaw. When Jesus is standing with us, we can stand secure.

Perfection? Impossible. Love? Very possible.

That, is a beautiful thing. And I want more of it!

Loving more in everything today,

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Unreasonable Grace said...

I really like your breakdown of the love chapter. I will keep it at my desk to meditate on.

And thanks for giving a name to the malady we share. It's easier to pray about with an official name. ;)