Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some will never get it.

I'm feeling a bit "inspired" at the moment.

Perhaps it's because I just got off a phone call that had a very intense conversation going on. You know the kind where you seem to go in circles and no matter what you say the other person just won't see it? Ya, it was one of those.

I hate conversations like that because number one, I dislike anything that involves conflict. I mean, I avoid it at ALL costs. Which isn't always a good thing because it means I'm a little rough in the how to handle conflict area.

But reason number two is that normally, as is the case now, I leave the conversation feeling worse than if maybe I just would have left it alone.

It would be really easy to slip into a pit of self-pity at the moment. And have you been to the pit of self lately?

It's not all that fabulous. {wink}

But I feel inspired because this past Sunday we had the opportunity to visit a new church in Charlotte called THRiVE. I had heard awesome things about this church and was anxious to check it out. And as the Lord would see fit, the truth behind this past week's sermon was that some people.....they just don't get it.

And can I confess something?

For a long time and I mean a L-O-N-G time....I didn't get it.

I mean I was one that believed there was one way and only one way. Occasionally I have allowed myself to see what God has done in other areas of ministry and service but...I still wouldn't get it....totally.

It's kinda like a person who has never been on a mission trip to a foreign country. You can show them pictures, tell them fabulous stories and even give them numbers of how many people were affected by your trip...but unless that person goes themselves....they just don't get it.

Or it's like someone who has only shopped at the Wal-mart their whole can tell them about the Target and all it's fancy ways with icees in the food court and all. You can show them the cute shoes you got there and even tell them about the incredible deals you can get with coupons! {smiles}

But....unless they go....they just don't get it.

Lately, I've been sincerely asking the Lord to make me get it, in all ways. To open my eyes to the things unseen and to believe without a written script behind it.

And He has.

But sometimes I still feel a bit like the rich young ruler{minus the rich part}. In Luke 18:18-30 Jesus confronts this man who just doesn't seem to get it. The man wants to know what it takes to get into heaven and through a series of questions the Lord leads him to the must follow me.

And even after he has all the knowledge anyone needs...he has yet to experience Jesus so he therefore walks away.

I do that. I get all the knowledge and make the assumption....without the experience.

And I am being proven wrong, over and over and over.

And that's ok.

He keeps us humble because it keeps us low. When we start get prideful and think our way is the best way we might start to put ourselves up a little too high. And when we are way up takes a long time to get back to where He wants us...our knees.

Had that rich young ruler taken the time to really see what Jesus was all about, to soak up His goodness and to dwell in the grace that Jesus brings us....he would have gotten it. But his pride, his arrogance and his love of the world kept him from the amazing salvation found in Christ.

So Lord Jesus, continue to keep me low because that is where I will grow.

Keep me weak because it helps me to seek.

And help me to get that other's may benefit.


Alexis said...

Such a great post girlfriend! I have been struggling with the "getting it" part lately, but He has been faithful to open my eyes...even when I clamp them shut! I love what you said about staying on our knees. Pride can be soo destructive. I know that the moment I started to think my ideas are "it", God is gettin' ready to do a little changin' things up!

I think maybe I should put a sticky note above my computer that says, "Lord, keep me low!"

Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Kelly Combs said...

I loved this post Nicki. Your writing is convicting but with humor, and that is the type of writing I love. If I can learn and laugh at the same time, it's a good day!

Unreasonable Grace said...

Like this post a lot!

Mimi C said...

Good post Nicki! You do have a keen sense of humor when you write. For me, I think life is a journey where one snapshot in time builds on the next. Kind of like a movie. One of the snap shots are good, some challenging, some heart breaking, some fun but it makes the whole movie. After all how exciting are movies with none of the above:) I think God takes us right where we are and opens new possibilites that we can't even imagine. Once I came to grip that in life there is really no such thing as "normal" life takes on a whole new meaning. The good news is God does know what he is doing.

Kay Martin said...

I had helped by the truth in the Bible: Unless Holy Spirit opens our eyss we cannot see....or get it.

Mercy is what comes to me when I'm with someone who doesn't get it I speak as I sense Holy Spirit wants me to speak.

Jesus didn't push to get the rich young ruler to "get it." I try to hold that image of Jesus when those moments come.

Thrive Church sounds terrific. You know I love that name.