Monday, August 31, 2009

I see Him.

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Well....I don't even know where to begin this morning! As I write this, I have just been to a Beth Moore simulcast and THREE different worship services! IN ONE WEEKEND. This is one fired up for Jesus girl! So buckle up. ;)

Just when I think...I HAVE SEEN IT ALL.

We have been visiting church's in our area and as of today, I have seen loud music, quite music, warm welcomes, cold welcomes, loud preachers, simple preachers, baptisms on the spot, pizza's sent as a thank you for coming, grown godly men holding a microphone and crying, phone calls to follow up, e-mails to follow up, exciting children's programs, free T-shirts and CD's and even......a wedding at the end of a service!

I have seen a different way.

And then...

We just recently had to put our girls in a public school after 5 years in a private Christian school. And can I give God some praise? Because, I have seen....mother's praying with their kids, teacher subtly letting kids know they are Christians, mom's talking about what bible study they are attending and even children raising their hands in response to a question "What do you want to stand for?" and bodly proclaiming....."God!".

In a public school, I have seen an unexpected way.

But there is so much more to eyes being opened in a new way....

Charlotte peeps...did you know that our city has over 1800 Church's. 1800. Did you know that we are the second largest church city in the world?

Can you imagine what it would be like if we all came together and just loved and worshiped our God for who He is and not who we are or where we go to church?

HOLY COW. could be a beautiful thing.

It could be a peaceful thing.

But one thing I know....unity....It's a God-thing.

I'm excited to find a church home, but this's made my heart very open to see and know that we need to come together as a city, as a nation and put things back under ONE GOD. And not just in our governments.....

It's been an incredible experience to worship with different people, different backgrounds, different styles and yet still....the same Jesus!

And here's how I feel about these 1800 church's in my city.....If Jesus is in it.....I want to be apart of it! If God's moving....I want to rejoice! If God's speaking......I want to hear! And if God's there...And He's here......And He's over there......then, we are all in this together!!

Because there is only one true and living God. And if we are all under Him...then let's act like it.

Revival isn't's now. Are you in?

I hope I haven't seen it all....Because every time my eyes are opened's like I'm seeing Him in a whole new way. And that my something to shout about!

Taking on a whole new sight,


On Purpose said...

I LOVE it when you share Jesus...I too LOVE to see Him.

Praying for your journey to find a new church...knowing God has a perfect spot for your family!

JenB said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! What a fun journey you are on! Praying you find the right place for your family soon!

JenB said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! What a fun journey you are on! Praying you find the right place for your family soon!

GG said...

Hi Nicki! Great post! But I thought you were homeschooling this year. Was I wrong?

Faith said...

So neat to hear about what the body of Christ is doing all across our city! I know where you were on Saturday night ;-) Awesome, wasn't it??

I pray the Lord will direct your path and place you exactly where He would have you grow and serve!

Mimi C said...

1800 churches in the city! would be amazing if we all came to gether for the city of Charlotte that needs Jesus! I think you have identified a criteria of "must have" for the chuch whom God created. Great post Nicki!

Technonana said...

AMEN, MY SISTA, AMEN!!! Charleston,SC is called the 'Holy City' in SC, not because it is... but because of the number of churches there... wouldn't it be the GREATEST thing if we would just join our voices together and praise The Lord Our God!!!
May the Lord Bless you and Bless you Indeed!!! and send you to a church home, where you FEEL at home!!

Lisa said...

I think you know how I feel about this post. First, it's TRUTH, so I love it. Second, it's PASSIONATE, and I feel it. And third, it's just plain AWESOME. Jesus is alive and the uprising in this city to come together is so spiritually right on, it gives me chills. We WILL take this city together. I'm right there with you, sister.

Preach on. :)

Alene said...

Girl, I'm in! The Revival is on. I sat in a church service last night and as the band was playing "Revelation Song" a revival broke out. Jesus was so strongly in that place, I have no words to describe it. Through my own tears, all I could hear were others sobbing and crying out to Jesus! Hallelujah - let the revival begin.