Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I don't tend to be much of a season snob but...Hello have won my heart. ;)

I am sitting outside watching my three girls endlessly drive around this yard in their hot pink barbie jeep and I just can't think about anything else than what a beautiful day this is.

And this beautiful day started off with a beautiful morning with some beautiful ladies in a beautiful bible study called, "Do You Think I'm Beautiful?". (How's that for a repetitive sentence.)

Can I share a chamber of my heart with you for a second?

I feel like I have taken a breath of fresh air today for the first time in months. As I opened up my Do You Think I'm Beautiful book the other day, I was reminded of this beautiful concept that the Lord developed in my heart the first time I did this bible study.

Dancing. With Him.

Because it's such a freeing place. It's a place where only He is and the worries and cares of this world all seem to fade away when I go to that place.

A place of Hope, of Happiness, of Joy and a place that holds a future.

I haven't known what my future will hold in quite awhile. Just when I thought I had A,B and C worked out the Lord threw out a major curve ball. And I've been sad, frustrated and in the process of waiting....lot's of waiting.

But for today...I've got my dancing shoes back on. And for today...I will find the beauty of this world. And for today....I will trust that He's got every detail all worked out and all I've got to do


On Purpose said...

You my friend are beautiful and thank you for sharing it with the world...for its straight from the Creators hand!

Rebecca Jo said...

And remember, only one person should lead in a dance! :)