Friday, October 02, 2009

It's so much better.

A few months ago Kris's mom had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Guatemala. And while this was an exciting event and we were all praying for her and excited to see what God would do in her life unfortunately nothing would excite the Kennyboo more than the goodies she would bring back to her.

Because in three-year-old whimsy world it's all about the goodies....right? {wink}

The rest of us were rejoicing about the houses they built, the bellies that they fed and the gospel that they brought to the country...but the boo....she was just BESIDE herself over a....tree swing that the grandma brought back.

So last week since the daddy has been awfully busy lately, I took it upon my short self to try to get this tree swing hung somewhere in the yard. Quite frankly I was sick to death of hearing a certain child ask me day in and day out about that swing.

But it was all out of love.

Well, it turns out when you are short and tree branches are high and you don't have things like....rope.....hanging a tree swing can turn out to be quite difficult.

As I looked into my boo's big blue eyes that were filled with much sadness over the fact that we were going to have to wait (gasp!) until the daddy had time to hang such things. Because momma....just isn't qualified to be hanging tree swings.

This made her little heart so sad but she agreed after much dismay that I was not indeed qualified to hang such things.

So she called her daddy on the phone and said something to the sorts of, "Daddy. You bring the rope and I hold the ladder cuz mommy....she can't do this." And he knew exactly what she was saying. ;)

And the daddy said that he would do his best to get the rope home and work on it if he had time.

Well, time is a short thing for this daddy of hers and he tends to have a mind that wanders to other things other than buying rope for a swing. But the boo....she can't comprehend that. Because didn't you know that the whole entire universe is at her service?

So for many days now we have waited, and reminded daddy about this rope and waited and waited to see if he could find some time to do it.

And about 7:30 last night, the boo had enough of the waiting process. So she demanded her daddy on the phone STAT. As I dialed his number I knew this was going to be some conversation.

"Daddy. Um.......hello.......I've been waiting SOOOO long for that rope!! Pwease bring it home!"

Maybe.....just maybe there was a "NOW", thrown on the end of that. Maybe.

The daddy felt awfully bad that he hadn't followed through and was seeing how stinkin important this swing was to his baby girl, so he did was every good dad does who is pulling into the driveway when such phone calls are made. He turned around and went to the Home Depot.

And when that daddy got home you would've thought that Santa Clause had just stopped by! There was MUCH excitement about the......rope. "Daddy! GO hang it RIGHT NOW!!! YAY!!! Do this now daddy, come on!!"

Even though it was virtually time to read "Goodnight Moon" at this point, I knew we just had to go out and watch daddy hang the much anticipated Tree Swing.

So we did.

It was grand. SO grand. As the boo pushed her squishy little hiney up onto that swing there was a look of much satisfaction upon her face.


This morning I was thinking about something I've been praying for, for a long time now. Something that seems like the Lord has heard me but keeps getting side-tracked by other things. And even though I know that's not true....I still feel much like this three-year old does at times.

Waiting STINKS.

But just like there could be nothing to replace that excitement in that little girl's eyes when her dream of the Tree Swing finally came true......I know the moment the Lord sends my answer I will feel much of the same excitement.

And just as the Kennyboo dreamed for days about what it would be like to finally get herself into that swing....I love to dream of what might be one day too.

So whatever you are waiting on and aren't we all waiting on's going to be so much better when it's God's time rather than ours. Excitement will fill our eyes, will have a little extra umph in our step and it will seem like the world can continue spinning. :) But we do have to in the meantime......I think I'll go and dream a little.

"I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word, I put my hope." ~Psalm 130:5-6


Mimi C said...

It doesn't get much better than this! The other thing that occured for me is the fact that she knew her daddy was going to come through for her. She just didn't know when. I see our Daddy Father in heaven the same way. He always comes through for us. Sometimes we don't know when. Great post Nicki

Kelly Combs said...

I love this post. I pray to my "daddy" like your daughter talks to hers. "God, I want it NOW."

Glad she got her hearts desire. May be all be so blessed.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

This was so touching and had the most wonderful ending. The Lord has His timing so much like our earthly fathers do. Really it's a great lesson for her to learn the patience we have to have when we are asking for something. It's not easy, but the thrill of getting what we wanted is so exciting. I hope you receive your answer soon. love ya.I thought I saw you at the Joyce Meyer conference last night. Was I hallucinating? LOL

Sarah Martin said...

Oh girl, you know how to weave a story. And, you know how much I love a Girly Girl story!

Your patience inspires me. Glad to have a friend like you!

love ya!