Monday, August 03, 2009

She Speaks but God spoke. {again}

I really think that this weekend wasn't She Speaks for was.....God speaks. Just like last year!

As I sit here looking at this blank blogger page with a flashing cursor that says, "write, write, write"....I don't even know that I can begin to put this weekend into words.

But I know I have to try.

First, typically when I go to an event, a conference a retreat or something geared at aiming me at drawing closer to the Lord, the warfare is when I get home. But this experience was totally opposite. The warfare last week...was unbelievable.

I seriously was on the edge of my seat waiting for the next bomb to drop or e-mail to come in or phone call that would all lead me to know full and well the effects of the enemy working not double time....triple.....quadrouple....ok, just insert biggest number word you've ever heard there. ;)

It was obvious that God was up to something in more ways than one. But Kris and I had to make some tough decisions in the midst of it all. None of it was made without complete assurance from the Lord and without a ton of prayer and seeking God's word.

In ways that I would have never expect, He proved himself faithful. He's always watching, always listening and always knows when the time to prove His work must continue, no matter what.

And so I did my best to put all the chaos aside and focus on what I had been preparing for months, weeks, days and can I tell you how many 2am nights this girl pulled? Sweet mercy.

I had carefully picked out clothes, my hair was looking ok, my proposals were tweaked, speeches were written, an incredibly supportive husband, sweet notes from my girls, lot's of awesome birthday wishes, good luck e-mails,texts and phone calls...but most importantly a heart full of seeking to know where God was leading me.

While driving to the conference I had the most amazing time of worship in my car. Just me and Jesus....dancing. Not literally, but you know what I mean, that would've proven mighty dangerous to be dancing with Jesus on 485. {winks}

And it was as though the Lord was just removing all the cares I held in my heart and sweeping them away into the clouds. I felt a whisper in my soul that said, "Go and make me proud girl." Because no matter what ever becomes of a little proposal, a little speech or anything else this broken down Jesus girl right here does...the only thing I do care about is, making sure God is proud.

As I walked into that very first publisher appointment, my little "planned out" world turned way upside down.

I had no idea that there would be other women in this meeting, all pitching their book too, nor that I would have less than two minutes to give my "schpeal" and worse....that the publisher opened the thirty minutes with "And I will not be taking any proposals with me."


Mercy my heart was racing.

But then I remember something a friend had told me before the conference. She said, "Make sure you see if other publisher's have an opening."

As I left that meeting a little discouraged but determined that I was going to tell someone.....ANYONE....about this book on that day. I prayed quickly, "Lord, I'm so disapointed....please open up a new door if it's your plan."

And He did.

Within ten minutes!

The most tender, sweet and gracious publisher agreed to see me....but it had to be RIGHT THEN.

So I wiped the sweat from my nose {hee hee, I sweat on my nose, isn't that gross??} and walked in there with the peace and assurance that can only come from God.

Sitting across from a woman I had never met, I took a deep breath and walked her through the outline. And waited anxiously through each little or big nod that she gave me. Then...she said the words that whether or not I will ever get a contract or not...gave me the best birthday ever.....

"I like it. I think you may have something here, I'd like to read it. I'd like to take your proposal and read your two chapters."

And this big-haired, overly excited girlfriend was soooo wanting to do the hoe-down-throw-down with this savy publisher....but I didn't think she'd go for I just graciously thanked her for her time and scooted out of there. {And then I did the happy dance!}

Oh sweet bloggy friends, I have so much more I want to share and posts that will continue this whole week with neat and amazing things God did.

Please come back tomorrow to hear about appointment number two {which was even more amazing}, new friends I met, bloggers that rocked my world, speaker evaluations, the excitement in the She Seeks ministry, amazing speakers and oh ya....and a little woman with an incredible story....Jennifer Rothschild!

And because I know so many of you wondered how that wardrobe blessing turned out, may I present outfit for day one...{and btw, I totally know I look like a nervous wreck, but...oh well}


Joyful said... look adorable! and I'm so happy for you. I can't wait to read more of the story God is writing across your life as you continue to share all that He did for you this past weekend.

Keep following His lead!

Chatty Kelly Combs said...

I am cracking up at your hoe-down throw-down! We just saw Hannah Montana this weekend, so I'll be happy to do your happy dance with you! So excited for you!!!!

I leave Wed for my writers conference in Philly. I pray I have some good news too. But more importantly that I make God proud.

Rebecca Jo said...

How did you restrain yourself? I would have totally done a happy dance right there... or at least tapped my toes a little!!!!

AWESOME! Cant wait to hear further...

praying for you in all of this!!!

Kay Martin said...

She Speaks: yes it was amazing. Nicki was simply beautiful. For writers our first reality check was the news that editors have been affected by the economic downturn. All them have fewer books that they can include in the next publications. But......drum roll.....God is not affected by economic downturns.

I had similar encounters as Nicki did, and my meetings with publishers were unscheduled. The last morning a few agents and publishers decided to spend their early morning free time talking to any of us who would drop by. It was amazing.

If He calls us to write or speak He will open doors. I saw this over and over this weekend for myself and with wonderful women of 'God like Nicki.

Way to go wonderful scribe of heaven Nicki.

JenB said...

I can't WAIT to hear more stories. God is so good!!! And that hair is just testimony to His goodness! Beautiful!!

Micca said...

Nicky, You're so cute! My heart is rejoicing over your pub meeting. I'm so glad she liked your idea! I've said a prayer for you today...for God's will to be done!

sweet blessings,
Micca Campbell

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you. Keep the faith. Sheila

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I'm so happy about your book proposal. That sounds like it was totally of God.

Hope to be reading more this week about what happened when "He Spoke" at "She Speaks"! Mississippi

Faith said...

Check you out!! You look so awesome! DEFINITELY a great hair day. So glad to hear it was an amazing weekend!

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

You looked great! I had to look at it a couple of times. You are always gorgeous, but in this picture you look so beautiful!!! The Lord must be shining through. I am so happy for your experience. I will be praying you hear from the woman soon. Everything starts somewhere and I can't wait to see your book in print. I, too, am anxious to hear about your conference. You are a sweetie. I can't wait to hear all about your b-day too.

Anonymous said...

that is a very good picture. you must have had a photographer take it.( jk ) You look beautiful! Cogratulations on an awesome weekend. you deserve it. I love you!