Tuesday, August 04, 2009

She Speaks part deux

As overwhelmed with emotion as I was excited about Friday night at She Speaks. I had an awesome speaker evaluation group in which I met some incredible women including...Cherri Keagy, who was the worship leader for the weekend too!

Nothing intimidating about that sweet girl evaluating you. {wink, wink}

Their were some amazing speakers in that group and I loved hearing all their stories.

Unfortunately I was a bit overwhelmed with some type of spinning of the head syndrome :) and didn't do to well on the Friday night evaluations. But that's ok...I just proved that I'm not perfect.

Saturday morning was awesome too. I was given so much knowledge on the publishing world and all that comes with it. And then....it was almost 1:00. And that meant I was headed to my biggest appointment of the weekend. This is an agent who represents A. Lot. of Awesomeness.

And it was QUITE nerve wracking for this girl to even be seen by her!

But she was awesome!!! She gave me some great thoughts, that included that she liked it and wanted to take my proposal to read it. So...that's always a good thing!

And I know many of you are wondering....ok so what happens next?


I wait. And I wait, And I wait and I wait some more. ;)

If any of these publisher's want to go further they will be in touch....in like three months!! The publishing process is very slow.....like snail speed. Not what this instant kinda girl wants.

And trust me, as soon as you I know, you will know!

The rest of the weekend was just amazing. I met some amazing bloggers like this one. I got to see my sweet friend from last year, Mrs. Kay! I adore you, sweet woman!

Hung out with these awesome girls at the She Seeks, table for a bit. Which She Seeks launches August 10th BTW:

And just had an incredible time!

I met so many new friends and I hope that we can all stay in touch and encourage one another as to what the Lord is doing through everyone's ministries.

This was me after it was ALL done. All the proposals and the speeches, the sessions...such relief to be finished! {Ok...I don't know why this picture is so big, but it is...mercy}

Hearing Jennifer Rothschild speak on Saturday night was amazing. And the Lord really set my heart free some fears I have been facing. His presence was so sweet in that conference room.

Sunday was the last day of the conference and I mainly hung out with my friend Sarah at the She Seeks table. We've got some great women coming along with us in this ministry and I can't wait to see what God does! So stay tuned!! :)

Well, thanks for letting me share just some thoughts about what God did this weekend!

Now....I must get back to life. Moving, Moving, Moving. MERCY for the Moving. And yes, I totally realize we've been moving for like two months. But this week.......we will be done!! WHOO HOO!

Check back later this week for sneak peaks of the house. The perfectionist in me cannot show you the whole thing now, but I will give you glimpses.

Much love to you this week!


Kay Martin said...

Relationships are critical to all of us living in Christ fully. You are one of my precious connections that She Speaks Conference gave me.

Keeping connected to those people God weaves in our lives is critical to living out our faith. My prayer is that saints across this globe treasure holy connections and spend the time and work to keep those relationships healthy.

God bless you Nicki.

Chatty Kelly Combs said...

Wow! My head would be spinning too. And yes, the publishing world is SLOW - I'm learning that one!

Good luck on Aug 10th! You have lots of work to do, I'm betting!

Jennifer said...

The excitement in your posts (both of them) about the conference is truly contagious!! So glad you were so blessed!

Alexis said...

That is so amazing that your appointment with the agent went well! Isn't the time of waiting so...ENJOYABLE? ;)

I cannot wait for the launch of She Seeks. SO many girls are going to benefit from this site.

I love your blog- the way you wrote your account of the weekend sounds just like you are sitting here talking to us! That, my dear, is a gift that you should treasure. I'm so glad that I got to meet you this weekend!


nanatrish said...

I'm so happy for you having such a wonderful time and getting to meet so many people. I will be praying about the proposal. You have a gift and kept at it. You are a great story teller and God is using you and will use you in the future too. He is so good to us!!