Thursday, April 09, 2009

I'm just gonna lay this out.

I've been up very early this morning and stayed up late last night so I hope this all makes sense this morning.

There is something I just need to lay out.

And since I don't have a TV program, a radio spot or even a website that gets thousands of hits a day, this blog will just have to do! So all ten of you who read it each day =), hear me out.

I've been a little frustrated lately.

Not with my kids, not with my marriage, not with work, not with bible study, not with our church and not with anything else as much as....but with what I know the Lord has called me to do.

It seems as though door after door that I knock upon is all to often a, "no". I have looked at ministry after ministry, I have sent letter after letter, article after article and I have watched friend after friend getting her groove on with what she's supposed to be doing! And while I am happy (truly) for each of them, my heart still aches.

I have learned so much, I have grown so much, I have seen so much and yet.....I feel like I am still standing still.

But then, last night.......I got it. The Lord spoke to me like never before. And I feel so strongly about this that I knew I had to blog about this because maybe........just maybe....there is one other person in this world who feels like I do.

A little frustrated with all the "no's".

Wallflower girls, I'm about to jump way ahead of where you are in our bible study, but hopefully it will excite you to hear what message is coming up in a few weeks.

Righteous Waiting.

Have you ever heard of this before?

It's a powerful thing and it's changed my heart forever!

You see, I am not willing to kick, push and shove my way to any opportunity. I am not willing to lie, steal and beg to get any opportunity. I am also not willing to take on any opportunity that I do not know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord has said, "yes".

Live and Learn has proven it's truth to me more than once!

And last night, I started wondering, "Well, maybe that is how you get the opportunities."

But the Lord so firmly said, "NO. You wait. Until your name is called."

But here's the thing........righteous waiting does not mean standing still.

Righteous waiting does not mean just letting go of the dreams! Righteous waiting does not mean you try to knock everyone out in front of you! Righteous waiting does not mean you can't pursue, you can't try and you can't work!

There is much work to be done while waiting! I was listening to a sermon online last night after I watched Angela's message for the following week (I know double whammy!) and it was like the Lord just was speaking so clearly about working through the waiting.

You see, my generation wants the easy way out.

We want it our way, right away. We don't want to do the dirty work to get to where we are called to a righteous place! But we've got to. We've got to step away from the self-help books, we've got to step away from the shadows of those who have come before us, we've got to step away from Christianity for dummies philosophies! And we've got to step to the heart of the King. His word. His touch. His power.

We've got to work hard, study longer and pray like never before.....while we are waiting. There is probably more obedience to have happen during the waiting, than during our time. And it's the little things.....I'm telling you, the little things. Daily, moment by moment obedience.

So this all being said, I am no longer sitting on the edge waiting for that opportunity to meet with a publisher, or the head of this or that ministry, or for this phone call or this e-mail to come through.

I am going to no longer hiding the message in my heart that God has given me in fears that someone will swipe it out from under me because it's not my time yet.

I am getting ready while I am waiting. It's going to mean hard work on my part. It's going to mean dancing like never before.

So this means there might be some changes to this blog. Maybe it means a new blog. I don't know exactly but, I know that I'm ready to live again while I am in righteous waiting! And I know the changes are more about my life, the way I live during this time of waiting, than anything else.

Because I believe so strongly that the righteous waiting will either make us.....or break us. And while I'm not sure waiting is a requirement for everyone, for those of us who are waiting, it's the righteous waiting He is hoping for.

"Even the stork in the sky knows her appointed seasons and the dove, the swift and the thrush observe their time of their migration. But my people do not know the requirements of the Lord."-Jeremiah 8:7

When He says it's my turn.......I will be ready!


the alleys said...

i truly believe that in the waiting, that is the time He transforms us and grows us like never before. i am so excited for you!! praise Him for all He is doing in your life. love you!

ValleyGirl said...

And then there's another possibility that I don't like considering: that THIS ~ what I am, what I'm doing ~ IS my calling. I think "righteous waiting" and contentment go hand-in-hand.

GREAT sermon, Nicki.

Amy E. said...

Great post....I needed this today. :)

Joyful said...

Waiting is hard work my friend. I wrote about times of barrenness, just yesterday ( Times when we don't see our dreams being fulfilled.

I think of a book I'm reading that speaks of Christ's "anonymous" years. Jesus was 30 years old before His earthly ministry truly began, yet the years prior weren't wasted. They were very valuable.

Your waiting times are valuable too. The Lord is developing His character and plan in you. Trust Him my friend.

Love ya,

Rebecca Jo said...

Someone gave the analogy one time of sitting at a stop light... while you are there stopped, you can still be productive - clean your car, write a note, balance a check book... you can DO something like sitting still!!!

Makes me think of the song from Fireproof by John Waller - Cant think of the time - but it talks about Praising Him while we are waiting.

Wendy said...

What a profound and relatable post!
I too have three little girls and am feeling called forward with my dream...and yet...nothing is happening...I loved this post!

~ Wendy

Jennifer said...

Righteous waiting...I really like that - and your ideas of what righteous waiting is NOT! This was really helpful -

Anne H. said...

Amen sister! I must say your blog is a ministry in and of itself and maybe you can't see it, but you're impacting so many. You may never know the difference your words have made on someone but God does and He will use that. And beleive me, from where I sit I see a beautiful woman of God who is working HARD on her Father's behalf. Trust, trust, trust! I love you!

Sharon Brumfield said...

I can give your post a hearty AMEN!

The story of Joseph is all wrapped in your post...that is who I identify with in the Bible.
He was given a dream by God...God carried him through all the ins and the outs....and when Joseph tried to get himself out of jail God simply allowed his out to forget everything Joseph said...for another two years I believe.
And that is the way I feel...there is a dream...and I have been in the pit and although I am not miserable...I do feel like I have been in jail. But oh the things that God has been teaching me...I am not the same person.

So here is another lady in waiting...and this is just where I will stay till "my place" has opened up. Right now I am content and at peace..this is a good place to be.
Enjoy girl!
Excuse the has been awhile..ready to get back to my blog. :)

Nicole said...

Thank you for this. I am in a time of waiting and feel this same way. The song that has spoken to my heart and helped me is "While I'm Waiting" by John Waller. I posted it on my blog on a recent post. The just of it is: "While I'm waiting, I will serve you, while I'm waiting I will worship you, while I'm waiting I will not faint, I'll be running the race, even while I wait". Thank you Jesus and thank you new friend for this wisdom-filled, God -breathed post! Amen!

In His Love,