Wednesday, April 08, 2009

And's what I call a spring break miracle.

Something amazing is happening in my home right now.

I mean.....amazing.

It's quite.


It's clean!!

Thanks to a little sunshine,side-walk chalk, sticks, a good friend and some bribery in the form of chocolate Easter bunnies it's like a spring break miracle!

I mean this type of stuff just doesn't happen people.

So, I've been a little quite on the blog here lately. Thanks for noticing.....ahem.

I don't know, maybe it's a spring break blogging bug. I just haven't had a lot to say. Or a lot of inspiration. Either way....just the blogging blahs.

But, we did get a very nice visit from the bil and sil and sweet bubba Mason this past weekend! And I would totally love to show you pictures......BUT, strangely enough my USB cable has gone M.I.A.

Good news on the decorating front!

Our little sweet southern screen porch project has now turned into a full-blown over the top sun room project.


What started off as just a simple idea......that was handed over to four handymen in which inspiration for bigger took over.

If ONLY you could have seen the intervention I was met with the day they came to "get started". They were like an unbreakable tag-team!

You know, men, and their BIG IDEAS. And Lo and Behold if they didn't find some "YOU JUST CAN'T SAY NO IT'S GONNA MAKE YOUR HOUSE WAY BETTER DEAL".

So here we are two weeks later...with a project that was SUPPOSED to take one day, and we are making progress....kinda. The doors are in and the the......what do you call it? Frame work??....for the windows is done too.

Hopefully not to much longer and I can show you all too!

Well, my spring break miracle is over.

Two girly's are opening the door and the chocolate must be gone. =) And now we must have in depth discussions with the 8 year old girly, on why inch worms may not live IN our house. And she will need to rant and rave on how I'm ruining her life, FOREVA because I won't let her!


Be back soon. With pictures. And maybe more miracles.

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Ginger said...

Don't you just love spring break! Chocolate bunnies take care of just about everything. Can't wait to see pictures of your porch...sounds great!