Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And I don't think I'll wear yellow again.

Ok, so lately, the Kennyboo has been all about some Curious George! I mean like having a knock-em-down-throw-out-fit if that show is not on the ol PBS at exactly the moment she wants to watch it!


I've watched the show a few times and really don't get why she's all about it. I mean, but then again, I'm not three.

Silly Monkey, doing mischievous things, things that don't make any sense. Getting into trouble, making lot's of messes. Hmmm...Yes.....I can see why the Kennyboo can relate.

So yesterday, started off just as an "normal" day, but what is normal anyways?? Nothing tragic, nothing crazy, just the "normal" chaos. Most likely because it was my day off and YES I DID stay in my pj's until noon! And I totally would've stayed in the pj's all day but unfortunately the Kennyboo had to go to the ear doctor.

But I think my whole day changed the moment I put on this shirt:

Because I think I suddenly became like this man:

The Man with The Yellow Hat

With a silly monkey hanging around me getting into ALL KINDS of trouble.

I tell ya, some days, I just need to know where to send my resignation to. Surely there is some mommy boss who is accepting new applications. (smiles)

So, while I had "informed" the Kennyboo that we were going to pay the dr a visit just to say "hi", she was NOT buying it.

She then "informed" ME, that she had no need to tell the doctor hello and added on a huge "take that" at the end of her statement.

Can you imagine my surprise when I came out of my bedroom (with the yellow shirt on) only to discover she had indeed locked herself in her room, crawled up in the bed, pulled the covers over her head and yes........gone to sleep?

Girlfriend was trying ANYTHING. When all else fails, "go to sleep!".

So I then proceeded to enter her room with caution as I knew the great meltdown of 2009 was teetering on the edge of exploding. Sleeping girly.....mad at the mommy....and oh ya, dr's appt in 30 minutes with a 20 minute drive.

Perfect formula for the great irruption to meltdown of 2009.

For the next 15 minutes I was kicked, slapped and screamed at like you would not believe!!!!!!!! (I will wait while you gasp....)

So I then proceeded to open the door to rush to the car with kicking-screaming-child in arms, only to discover that my sweet elderly neighbor was stopping by to say "hello".


As I tossed the screaming child in the car I shouted something about a beautiful day, loving having a three year old and hope all is well! BYEEEEEEE!

Still screaming and a yellin fool, the Kennedy then figured out that if she squeezed her little self through the seat belts she could then reach the top of my seat in which provided a perfect opportunity to...kick. Lot's of kicking. LOT'S.

After a brief "Come to Jesus" meeting on the side of the road (TWICE), we were settled, behaved and quietly whimpering with big crocodile tears flowing down both of our faces.

10 minutes.....that's how late I was to that appointment....not to bad, but oh my goodness how much time I would have to pay for those 10 minutes.

Trying to convince the Kennyboo that we were only there to say "hi" was no easy task. In fact, this momma must come with major ammo in the purse for such situations. Things like gum, pens, tic tacs and....flashlights. (I have NO idea how a flash light ended up in the purse, but it did, so go with it, ok?)

Had I ever known how much a flashlight would entertain that child, I would have invested in about 20 of them! Seriously.

The dr found it quite amusing that most children bring a teddy bear or blanket but we...oh yes.....we....we have a flashlight.

About three minutes into the appointment the dr said, "Do you smell something burning?"

I nervously replied, "No not really, it must just be the battery in this flashlight. It's new." As I quickly did a double take to glance around the room to make sure the Kennyboo hadn't like stuck a pair of tweezers or something in an outlet! (I wouldn't put it past her either)

So both doc and I blew off the smell as something that must be from the air duct. No biggie.

We quickly finished up our appointment and headed to the desk for the next appointment in which the receptionist had gone AWOL. "Have a seat right there and she'll be right back to help you."

10 minutes, would've changed it all. Because ten minutes early Ms.Receptionist would've not needed that diet coke break.

After barely getting settled into our seat we hear a LOUD fire alarm and everyone yelling at us to GET OUT!!!

There was indeed a fire!

Oh my word!

And no.....the Kennyboo was not responsible. To my knowledge.

But those ten minutes turned into an HOUR of waiting in the parking lot, watching the fire fighter's and a little silly girly bouncing from here to there. Just like...a monkey.

I got a bad vibe from that yellow shirt. I knew I should've picked green.

And, I don't think I'll be wearing it again anytime soon. (smiles)


Louise said...

Oh my goodness you deserve an award, what an insanely crazy day!!
Did they find out where the fire was and let you back in?? Yikers!!

You deserve a relaxing day at the spa or something after that girl!!!

Sharon Brumfield said...

Goodness girl...stay away from yellow!
I remember the days of all out screaming from the back seat...trying to turn the radio up loud enough to drown them out...or distract them. I do love the pulling over on the side of the road "come to Jesus times" you had...I believe that is the way you it.
What a day!
And that is what being a Mom is all about...keeping the sanity till you get them all grown up and out of the house! :)

ValleyGirl said...

Wow. That was quite a day. I'm a big fan of Curious George, but I wouldn't want him living at my house either, bringing chaos wherever we went!! I say BURN THE SHIRT!!!!

Joyful said...

You mean that sweet little angel pictured to the right caused all this drama? WOW!!!!

I got so caught up in your adventures, I had to go back and read WHY you went to the Dr's. Oh yeah...Kennedy had to see the ear Dr. So...dare I ask how she is and if you need to go back?

Praying you'll get some much needed rest today.

Jennifer said...

I think I might avoid the yellow shirt, too! You know I never did really like that Curious George :)

Hope tomorrow is a sweet snuggle on my lap kinda day!

Sarah Martin said...

Oh mercy! I was reading this on my blackberry while waiting for an appointment at work. Tried so hard not to laugh out loud. I am sorry about your major meltdown, but the way you described it is HILARIOUS! I have a feeling that I am in for much of the same as my child is quite the Drama King-already! yikes!

love ya!

Amy E. said...

Love this story!! And you know I can relate!! Yes, yellow didn't work for Thelma, so maybe we should all take a hint from her little fashion snaffoo.
And, in regards to her kicking the back of your seat, three words: Five Point Harness.........until she's 16!! HA!!
Love you girly!

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Kay Martin said...

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Cindy said...

Oh the JOYS of motherhood:)

I'm an administrator at a pediatric office and I've seen just about everything come in with kids including candles but not a flashlight yet - you are right though - good entertainment.

So, no more yellow shirts for you girlfriend!!!

Blessings, Cindy