Monday, May 04, 2009

Let's chat.

Good Monday morning to you. How are you??

Lot's on the mind today. So this is surely to be some kind of RANDOM. =)

Ok, first, check this out. This past Friday night the girls and I and a friend of theirs had the chance to attend
Shari Braendel's "Modest is Hottest" fashion show.

Even though the age bracket for this event was 10 and up.... LORD HAVE MERCY, my girls are already having "issues" with what to wear, what's appropriate and what's not. And since they WILL NOT listen to moi, I brought them to the big dawg, Shari. =) :

Shari has become my mentor/friend over this past year and I'm so thankful that God has allowed such an amazing woman to be apart of my life. She's so great at giving me that "gentle, but much needed" kick in the behind and has opened my eyes to so much. So my girls know how much I love her, but more importantly I knew that they would LISTEN to her.

On a very side-note, if you are a church leader looking for an amazing event to do at your church for girls and their mom's, this is a great program to do!! You can visit Shari's blog here: for links to more info.

So Shari is always big on using audience participation and look who's whole YEAR was made by her: HOPE!! =) She got to be one of her "examples". Isn't that hilarious! She was so tiny up there! But she was just a glowing! (sorry it's blurry, I've got to learn how to use my camera better)

If you could ONLY have been a fly in the car on the way home!! The girls were going on and on about the whole event. It was funny! It was a blast! And if you have the chance to take your daughter to one of Shari's event it's well worth it!! I promise!

Ok, next.

Check out these girly's:

They have been rockin out the park with their soft-ball team! I'm telling you what things get EXCITING when they start playing coach pitch! I think I have lost my fair share of my voice in cheering them on! It's so exciting when they hit it, get on base and SSSCCCCOOOOORRRREEE!! Wow....what we've been missing out on all these t-ball years.

And last but not least, the girls had their big choir performance last night, in which none of the pictures came out good.......but I feel as though I must leave you with one huge LOUD shout-out from the Kennyboo to one of her sistas up on stage:


Oh yes. She did.

And I don't have any idea where she heard that at. At all. Nope. Not me. =)

Ok, so I really didn't get anything off my mind, but oh well, there's always next time. Have an awesome week!!

ps-I've got something REALLY exciting to share with you this next week. =) Stay tuned because it might just excite you too!


Sarah Martin said...

Love getting my girly girls fix for the week! Please tell me that Kennedy yelled that while Hope was on stage! LOVE THOSE GIRLS!

JenB said...

You could have done a Not Me! Monday post with that! I love that you're documenting all of this. You'll have lots of great stuff to embarrass her with at her rehearsal dinner.

Rebecca Jo said...

I love that the age is 10 & up... why not just put "ALL FEMALES"? hehe!!!

And look at those girls... ready to get their sports on! Nothing is funner then watching little play in games... & being the one who embarasses them screaming in the bleachers!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great weekend...too funny - get your groove on?!? Where do they get these things!?! I always love your stories!

ValleyGirl said...

A happy Monday to you, too!

Your girls are so cute! Dontcha just love when they repeat the things you'd rather they NOT?! Ah well, keeps us humble.

Ginger said...

What a great weekend! Your girls are just too cute!! Gotta love em!

Amy E. said...

Ha! She probably heard that from my little angel!! :) She has now started with "Let me tell YOU somefin'"....ah, gotta love em. Makes it so much fun!!