Monday, April 27, 2009

Where oh Where oh Where is Shadow?

Have you ever watched Bear in the Big Blue house?

Ahhh....those were the days. When we had cable, and the ability to watch wonderfully annoying shows like that, which would simply put over-the-top-annoying songs to spur up, at any moment during your day!

He would sing "Where oh where oh were is Shadow?" over and over!! That song stuck with me FOREVER!

And then, recently, in the Beth Moore's bible study, Esther, I learned that "It's tough being a woman in another woman's shadow."

But not this woman!

Kim Coleman:

Last weekend our church's women's ministry had an incredible conference called Breath of Heaven. It's was a fun time to get together with our girlfriends and just have a blast! I was so excited when our women's minister asked me to "shadow" Kim Coleman (even though I had NO idea what that meant at first).

Basically I was her bestie for the day! Wherever she needed me and whatever she needed me to do I was there. My friend Amy, who is a hoot herself, helped me sell her CD's and DVD's while Kim got to mingle with the ladies. And can I just tell you HOW MUCH FUN it is to shadow a comedian for the day??? OH MY GOODNESS.

Kim spoke on among many things, bringing joy into your life in all situations! And can't we all use a good laugh now and then?

Here is the youtube video for all of us women out there who need a new idea to cope with stress (smiles) :

Here's Kim breakin it down about the paper towel drama in the bathroom:

Kim is just a mess! She had us all laughing our heads off!

And then our pastor's wife, Teresa brought us the word big time with some of her character's from a program for the kids she does called Big Mama's attic!

And some awesome ladies led us in some great worship!

It was a great time and I'm so glad I got to be apart of it! (and a special note of thanks to Jessi from Facebook in which I owe a big thank you for all these pictures!)

On another note, yesterday was a very special day. It was
Cindy's SURPRISE birthday party! I was so happy to see my dear friend! And....I got to spend some time with MiMi from Mimi's Memories! It's always so much fun to really meet up with other bloggers! We all talked about how amazing this blog community is!! And I know Cindy appreciates all the support and love she has gotten while she's been fighting the fight.

We LOVE you Cindy and all of us are SOOO proud of you!! MWOAH! Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

Ok, this has taken me entirely to long to compose this post! Life is busy the next few weeks and that darn FACEBOOK has me sucked in like you would not believe!! It's hard to blog and do facebook! Just not enough hours in the day. =)

I love you all!! Hope you have a blessed


Bethany said...

Good Morning!
Looks like you had loads of fun at the Breath of Heaven conference! I have been the last few years, but I couldn't make it this time! I hope you have a super day!

Rebecca Jo said...

What a great video... love a girl with a Southern Accent!!!!

And I read about the surprise at Mimi's blog too...WOW!! How cool is that! I'm sure it was a blessing!

ValleyGirl said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Times like these, I really wish we didn't live out in the middle of nowhere ~ the nearest conferences like this are always at least 4 hours away, so logistics and money are forever a roadblock. I'm glad you got to experience it and have such a great time.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Sounds like ya'll had a great time...and how cool to be picked to be the shadow of someone who you would actually like to shadow.

Still processing the stuff from the Esther was the best yet.

Amy E. said...

I had lots of fun with you toooooooooooo!!!!

It truly was a Breath of Heaven for me!!

My Army Brats and Me said...

I love you girl! Thanks for beening there for me always. Who would have known that blogging was a part of God's plan for me:)


Donna Fugarino said...

Hey Girlie!
Thanks for featuring Breath of Heaven, were did you get the pics and are there more? I'm compiling for snapfish for everyone to see. Can you share??

You did a great job and can shadow for me anytime!

Madonna Jalapeno

Louise said...

WOW that looks like an amazing time!!! You lucky girl!
Love your new look ;)