Monday, March 02, 2009

Just a bunch of Randomness!

Well first, I'm so happy to report that we finally got some snow!! And good's also almost 4pm as I'm writing this and it's all pretty much melted! =) Oh well. It was fun, for a day!

I was so thankful for the day off from school/work to catch up on laundry and other projects! The marriage retreat was great and it was fun to be away for a while but, coming home was dreadful! The laundry fairy forgot to come while we were away! I know I called her. =)

I have much to share with you about what I learned this past weekend on our retreat. Specifically on one topic. But I must get permission from two friends before I write this post! (All of my friends stomachs just totally turned!) It will be something for you to look foreword to!

Here we are....

It was a great time and it was good to meet some new friends too!

Also, my mom has offered to write a post or two on some job tips, resume writing and interview process. She is the HR manager for a large manufacturing company and has some really great insight on the do's and don'ts!

Hopefully she can put something together this week! I think this will be a great way to help many, MANY people out right now. I know so many are looking for jobs and my mom is very gifted in her knowledge of the HR world.

Okay......I'm so excited I just about can't stand it as I write this next part out!!

What is it??? know the Nester? Click on over to visit her if you don't know her yet.

Ok, do you know her now?

I know she will be very proud of me and my very first try at window mis-treatments! CHECK THESE OUT!!!

This is the fabric up close:

I'm so excited about this I just can't contain myself! I know....

Just a word of caution, praise, excitement and to the doubtful ears.......yes, these are HOT GLUED curtains!! =)

I think my grandmother's jaw just dropped before Jesus's throne. She would have a HISSY fit knowing I'm gluing fabric! AHHH. And for all you GEMS girls.........not a word I tell ya, not a WORD of this gluing of the fabric to Mrs.Dee! =)

Honestly, I cannot tell they are glued! I'm so serious. I was very doubtful at first but...I'm always up for anything cheap and crafty. They were so easy! You can find the directions on her website under "Mistreatments".

I would show you the rest of my decorating adventures the past few weeks......but so far...that wall is about the ONLY thing complete!

I did get a couch, in which I'm still trying to decide if I love it. I need some bad you can't hot glue pillows?? =) I know...that would be pushing it!

Ok, so just had to share all this bunches of randomness. How are you? Did you get snow?


Jennifer said...

The curtains look fantastic!! Hotglued or not!! New decorating projects (and easy ones at that)..almost as exciting as a snow day!! Have fun - oh, can't help you with that absentee laundry fairy..sorry. (But the curtains are awesome :) )

Brenda said...

Hey, I just bought some curtains from IKEA and they came complete with iron-on hemming tape...made specifically for TODAY'S woman. You just cut them off, turn them up, place the 'tape' on the edge and iron them! Perfecto!!! You'd never know. I'm so glad manufacturer's have gotten the hint. We don't have the time, the know-how, or the want to on some things!

Amy L Brooke said...

No snow. We sent it all your way. :-) We get enough of it.

Hey, are you going to She Speaks?

Love the windows.


Kay Martin said...

I've been sewing since I was 9, but I glue, fuse, whatever if it works easier and better. I absolutely love your curtains. When you get through embellishing your sofa with pillows you will love it too.

Not only are making your home a harmonious sanctuary for your family to prosper, but you are showing your husband you are a Proverbs 31 woman ... you are virtuous with what's at hand. You are teaching your daughters not to be limited to buying new at full price to make their homes lovely.

Bravo~~~ applause'''' Saute!!!!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Your window looks super! I love the curtains! And your room is so cozy looking.

Thanks for letting us see your progress.


Louise said...

Great curtains!
Loved all the pictures, you and your honey are a sweet couple!
Can't wait to hear what you learnt :)

Always snow where I am...sigh...