Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blogging Funk!

Hey Bloggsters. I don't know what my deal is this week but I just can't seem to get into my bloggy routine!

I've been very busy and my mind has been everywhere but on this blog. I'm sorry. I've also been busy writing some other things right now so my a lot of my time has been into that!

Also, my computer is acting like a FOOL again, Lord help it! But, I promise to have pictures on Monday of all the excitement in frugal decorating going on around here.

Kris and I are getting ready to head to a marriage retreat for the weekend, a much needed one btw! =) The girls are going to hang out with my mom and dad up in Asheville so it will be a good break for everyone.......except my mom and dad. Hee hee!

Motherhood has just about had me drained and drowned the past few weeks! I read something that was very refreshing to my soul and I thought I would share it with you as well! I've wanted to resign more times than I've wanted to sign up for this deal lately! I mean....I thought it got easier when they got older! WRONG ANSWER!

So refreshing on how to love them more is a much needed thing today!

It's a list from a mom devotional bible that my girly's got me for my birthday. I use this bible to write prayers for their lives in, jot down silly things they do and say and to refresh my soul as a mom. The title of this was called: Love's Gotta Have Arms.

30 things that we can do as mom's to show our kids how special they are to us. Although I'd love to write out all 30 of them.....time just isn't allowing that today! So here are my top five favorites:

1. Have a secret "I Love You" signal such as three squeezes of the hand, touching the tip of your nose or maybe a V-sign with your fingers. (Kris and I do this but I never thought of doing this with the girls! Great idea!)

2. When saying "good night" recite a couple of things you appreciated that your child did that day.

3. Use a nickname that will enhance your child's self-image. Hmmm.....maybe Kennyboo isn't sucha great nick name?? Or Tatertot or Hopie?? They must mean like sweat pea or pumpkin or something sweet like that! =)

4. Kiss your child's palm and roll his or her fingers tightly to hold it securely for later use when needed. (I loved that one!)

5. Give your child a framed photograph of yourself autographed "with love" just like famous people do! (What a great idea! I know my HopeAnn would LOVE that!)

So I wonder.....what ideas do you have on special ways to make your children feel loved?? I can't wait to hear all of your thoughts!


On Purpose said...

Praying you and your husband have a GREAT time at the retreat!

Sarah Martin said...

Nicki, I am with you about the blogging funk! I committed to blog as I read through the Bible. Darn it if I can't find a thing to blog about Numbers Chapter 31! ha!

I will look forward to what everyone else writes and use them. I loved the one about reciting things you appreciate about your kid before bedtime. Nothing like postitive reinforcement!

Have a great time at the marriage retreat. Greg and I usually go to Ridgecrest for the Festival of Marriage and it is sooooo good for us. I will pray that you all have an enriched time!

love ya!

Kay Martin said...

My children are grown and doing well in their families and homes. But I am finding a new challenge to stay connected to them in a way that is edifying for them.

Each child and I have found our ways to stay in touch on a regular basis. Now, my main mission is to listen. As we age we can end to talk too much. I use my time with each child to listen and encourage them.

I remember the challenging times when the little ones were grabbing chunks of my all. The one thing I could have done better was to be sure I left some of the best of me for matter what.

Love this post.

Mindy said...

Hi I came here by way of Walk by Faith. I just wanted to say hi and say I, too, am the mom of three girly girls! And 6 months ago, I added one sweet baby boy.

Good to meet you. I hope that you and your husband have a great time at the retreat.
In HIM -

Ginger said...

I think I 've been in that same blogging "ugh" with you! Great list of ideas! Enjoy your weekend.:)

Anonymous said...

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