Monday, January 05, 2009

Stay firm, and He will bless

This morning the Lord lead me to an amazing concept. One of which we've all heard over and over, but it really struck me hard this morning!

In Genesis 39 I read the passage of scripture where Joseph is lured by Potiphar's wife. This is the one where she asks him several times to come and sleep with her and each time he stays firm and says, "No".

The final time she steals his cloak and basically cries "wolf" when her husband gets home. She goes on to make up this huge story of how He was going to rape her!

And who thinks that the bible is boring? =)

Joseph is ultimately sent to prison by Potiphar for his wife's lies, but God's hands are truly upon Joseph in amazing ways. It says that the warden found favor in him and kindness was shown to him in prison.

Although I personally have never been to prison, I have heard that it's not a pleasant place no matter how long you are there. One night or a's not a great place. So, can you imagine being there on a basis for something you didn't even do?

Surely finding favor there in prison is a blessing!

Weakness is something I deal with on a daily basis. I just don't feel like "dealing" with something or I just can't find the strength to keep moving on or even I just like the easier way out.

I saw something in Joesph this morning that I want in my life every day.

Firmness finds favor!

There's a reason why God tells us to stay firm in Him! And Joesph is the perfect example.

So whether we are standing up against the evil schemes of the devil or simply living in obedience, staying firm is the place to be!

In those moments of weakness, there is our reward, the moment that is satisfied.

But in moments of firmness victory is found! And victory is defeat to the devil!

"He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire, he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand." -Psalm 40:2


Ginger said...

Stay Firm! Amen...Joseph's story is one we can all find hope in when we're having a bad day.

Jennifer said...

I love that thought...firmness finds favor! Exactly. Thanks for a great thought.

Rebecca Jo said...

I always got so bad that Joseph had to take the fall for that!!! UGH... but God's master plan...

Cindy said...

Could you email me - I'd like to have permission to add your blog to my prayer list on my blog but I don't want to do it without permission.

The Patterson 5 said...

Staying Firm with you over here!
I definately agree with your comment "And who thinks the bible is boring" After college I decided to read through Genesis and Exodus and I was shocked! Gone were the edited exerpts from my Sunday School days! It's racey for sure! Hotter that and Soap Opera!

And God worked all that messy stuff out and meant it for good!