Wednesday, December 10, 2008

That we will wait "With" Him. has been busy! A bit more busy that I would like it to be! I'm finding it hard this week to let my "yes be yes" and my "no's be no's".

My first pre-school music program is next week (Monday and Tuesday) so I've been very busy trying to figure out things, burn music (which takes me FOREVA!), meet with people and practice. All the while why doing everything else during this busy time of year!

Parties, Performances, Shopping and not to leave out "Stressin"........ahhh........'Tis the season!

This momma is counting down the days until Christmas break so I can actually start getting things done!!

As I came before my God this morning, I had many, many burdens on my heart.

Decisions in the midst of all this chaos are not easy.

I still do not have peace in my soul about the girl's school. I go back and forth every single day.

I've taken to heart wise words that I've heard such as: "Try to think your life that way for one day" and "Trust that no matter where they are God is protecting them" and "They will be fine" and "They will not be fine you need to trust for God to provide"....very wise things.....all of them.

But my good friend Michelle, she said something to me that stuck out as I read what I read this morning.

She told me that when she's not getting a clear answer from the Lord, she stays put.

At first I was like......."hmmm........." that's an interesting way to go about things. But God showed me this morning, that she was exactly right!

This morning in my God calling book the title was "The Quiet Time". Although life doesn't seem "quiet" I have felt God's voice has been a whisper lately......and one that these ears cannot hear!!

I often say, "I'm waiting on the Lord." And I even pray, "Lord, I will wait for you."

But actually, what the Lord wants is us to wait "with" Him.

Read this, this is God speaking:

"I may ask you to sit silent before Me, and I may speak no word that you could write. All the same that waiting with me will bring comfort and Peace. Only friends who understand and love each other can wait silent in each other's presence."

*Cue light bulb flashing!

Duh! Oh my goodness.......why am I JUST getting this???

I am not alone, although I feel like I am. He's waiting WITH me through this. He's not just sitting on his throne going, "Ok girly, when are you gonna figure out what I'm saying."

He's sitting right here with me! I've "known this" but now I "KNOW THIS".

I'm sure like a momma often wants to scream out the answer to our children when we are helping them with homework, we don't. We have to wait for them to figure it out, but all the while we are sitting right there beside them. Encouraging them, helping them and leading them to the answer.

I like to picture how when Taylor knows the answer but isn't sure, how my eyes will get kinda bigger and wide open more.......and I'm giving her a body signal that she's getting close but I still cannot "tell" her the answer.

What a sweet picture to think of our amazing Lord sitting beside of us, arms around us, smiling and winking and hoping that we will see Him there.

Psalm 27:14 says this, "Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."

My footnotes say this, "Wait for the Lord. Faith encouraging faith." To me that means........Him encouraging Me.

I do not like uncertainty, I like to know what I!

But, I know that even though my God does have the answer, and I do not, he's right here beside of me, waiting With me. And because I know that, I will be still.......and know that He is God.


Louise said...

SO good SO true!

Rebecca Jo said...

We will Wait upon the Lord... so easy to sing the words to that song - but so hard to do sometimes. I think we feel we must be moving & changing things sometimes - when God is just wanting us to have patience, let Him do things, move us in His time!!

Hope you are feeling comfort in decisions a little bit more now...

On Purpose said...

Thank you for your prayers Nicki..and for this post..for He used you to speak to my heart. He is with our family while we wait and go through lifes circumstances.

Sarah Martin said...

What a great light bulb moment, I have never thought of waiting WITH the Lord. I also can't get that Amy Grant song, "Emmanuel God With Us" out of my head. I found it on Youtube for you...


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Sweet post, Nik, He's so patient was us. I love Him so much.

The Patterson 5 said...

Waiting is tough but with the way you discovered and, thank you, shared- perhaps waiting is not such a hard place to be. Waiting with the Lord.....wise councel indeed....Thanks for sharing your morning inspiration!

Kay Martin said...

You and I both share that struggle to wait. I remember when the last verse of Ps 27 was all I could hear from the Lord: Wait I say wait on the Lord.

Great post.

Joyful said...

Nicki, your friends words remind me of my Pastor's teaching on decision making - "When in doubt...don't". If we are seeking God's direction earnestly, yet have known no concrete leading, sit tight. Don't do anything. Continue waiting. God's Word promises that if we seek HIM with all our heart, we will find Him. Continue seeking Him, more than your answer from Him and He will reveal Himself to you. He sees your heart and knows you are longing to do what He alone desires, I have to believe that in His time He will speak clearly.

I know this is hard to do (as you know I've been where you are right now), but KNOW He will not abandon you and He will reveal His answer in time. Nothing can thwart God's plans - not even the school registration deadline. Yes, they encourage registration early in the year, but that's not cut in stone. If God requires your sweet girls somewhere else, He will make a way. Keep trusting Him.

Thanks for your wonderful e-mail. I haven't had time to answer it, but how I loved hearing your heart. I will respond.

Love & prayers,

Faith said...

Really not much more to say other than "Thank you." I so needed to hear this today.

Hugs, Faith