Monday, December 08, 2008

Hero-like Faith

Hero-like Faith.

I want it!

The other day I was listening to someone talk (and please don't think I'm sounding judgemental!). And while this person was talking I heard much of myself in them.

Things like: "I know God will........BUT" and "I shouldn't..........BUT I do." and "I don't want to.......BUT I will." and........something along the lines "So not worthy."

At first I was a little put off-guard by this person's words because this is someone I thought who had "Giant-Faith". You know the kind where the ground under them will be shaken and shaken and shaken and shaken........and yet they still stand on a solid-rock with hands held high.

Were my expectations to high for this person?


This is a person. A person just like you and I!

A person with: Doubts and Fears. Failures and Frustrations. Wandering through a dry and weary land.

We are all in this together! No one is alone in these feelings.




Did God put this person in my face at that moment, at day, during that time to speak those words to show me something about myself?.........YES!

And why? Because all to often I sound the same way when I'm praying to my Lord.

"Lord, I will clean this house, but I don't want to." or "Lord, I will trust you to lead but this is what I think we should do." and even "Lord, I know your not going to do this because I am not worthy of anything like this."




You see.........WE, the body of Christ, those who walk in His steps each and ever day......WE are hero's! And I know you're thinking, "Well, golly g, isn't she just a tootin her horn away!"


Listen what God showed me this morning.

The definition of hero is this:

1. a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.
2. a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal: He was a local hero when he saved the drowning child.
3. the principal male character in a story, play, film, etc.

*please replace male with female for the purpose of this example! =)

The hero in every movie we watch always displays characteristics that set him/her apart. You can all to often tell right away who is going to save the day!

It is the person who:

*Is humble
*Knows their "secret" powers and strengths
*Is aware of other's needs
*Actively apart of the whole movie
*Knows when to step in and do their thing!

But......the hero isn't defined normally until the "big task" is taken on. Like........the pulling the woman out of a burning building or Standing in front of a car before it flies over the train know. You get the idea right?!

Although with our purpose in Christ I believe the heroic role is often the ending. The day we leave this earth and climb into heaven's arms forever. But, day by day we are playing out the roles of hero's whether we know it or not.

Ultimately Jesus Christ is the greatest hero that ever lived. The act of dying on a cross to save the world isn't something most likely you and I are going to be asked to do!

But......there is so much each day we are asked to do.

Christ didn't doubt his abilities to do what he did. As he was doing miracles, things like walking on water........I don't believe he ever said, "Hmm........wonder if I can pull this one off!"


Because Jesus KNEW who He was!

He never followed anyone, copied anyone or took away from anyone........He was just Jesus. A man with a serious purpose! To lead other's to the throne of Grace!

You and I have that serious purpose too. Jesus is the leading role as a hero in our lives in which we can then be hero's as a supporting role.

I'll never forget a time in my life when I first began to step out in ministry and someone said to me, "Oh that's just like so in so."

I got caught off guard by that statement because I didn't want to be like "So in so".

I just want to be like Jesus.

I love the second definition of hero on that list: "He was a hero WHEN he save the child."

To be a hero in Christ would look like this:

"She was a hero WHEN she followed Christ."

Nothing by our own actions, words or ministries........simply by following Him.

"Don't hesitate. Don't delay. Don't walk in bondage. Don't ever forget what I did. So that you too may follow me." This is what God breathed all over me today.

"And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."
-Mark 16:15


Kay Martin said...

You're right...we say all that BUT we place a 'but' and dilute all we just spoke.

God uses the word "but" in reverse...if all goes wrong and it looks hopeless, but God will be there and He can turn foolishness of the world into brillance....Oh, Thank God for His uses of the word, "BUT."

He has hero in all of us when He and I need to be that!!! REst in Him

Good reminders....God bless you.

Rebecca Jo said...


On Purpose said...

Amen preach this loud and clear...this is a GREAT post...loving it!

"A man with a serious purpose! " Oh yes He was...and for that I am so thankful that He lived His life on purpose!!!

Nicki...this is a GREAT post..have I said that already...hehe! You know me...anything about being on purpose...I love you my friend!

May we just go out and do what He did and be a hero to someone today!

nanatrish said...

Nicki, this is a great post! He is our hero. Praise the Lord we are so aware of His love for us. May we always have a tender heart for others and recognize His tender mercy. luv ya,.Trish

Cindy said...

Wonderful post, Nicki:)

Never forget what He did AND...tell everybody else!

Love it!

Ginger said...

Hi there,

So true...aim to be like Jesus. Great thoughts.

Sharon Brumfield said...

There have been times in the year that has gone by when I felt like such a failure to my faith.
Times when my head knew the truth but when my heart was failing to stand.
But then I think God remind me that the most important thing I get out of all these experiences is lessons learned. Did I learn that He would stand by His word? Did I learn that He is faithful?

And I would say YES!
I think the heros in the Bible of our faith all stumbled...but they did not give up. And in the end we look at their lives and are encouraged to keep walking.
I keep walking so that one day I can encourage another with the same encouragement I received.

Keep walking because even in the struggle of working this thing are an encouragement to those of us walking around you.
Love ya girl!