Monday, July 07, 2008

Really, just bunches of randomness

****Sorry for FOREVER changing my blog look on you!! I think I like this one. We'll stick with it for now, I promise!! =)

I thought hard about what a good title for this post would be, but it's honestly going to be a bunch of mumble jumble. (Is that really a phrase?)

Thankfully, the past few days have been busy, so this was a sure good way to blast away that PPBD! If you are wondering what on earth I'm talking about, you'll need to skip down a post.

Friday was the 4th of July, just in case you missed it, we got home from the beach, threw our stuff down and headed to our friend's house for a "little" cookout.

Now friends, this is what happens when MEN communicate with each other about events.

I asked Kris to ask the husband what we should bring. He told Kris "drinks". So in my head I'm counting up maybe 10 people, kids included.

Well, this cookout was anything "little". As we turned down the road and noticed like a gazillion people everywhere I looked at Kris and said, "Uh huh, ya, little cookout." Luckily my friend who was throwing this shin dig, had planned, SHE had planned, no HE, and told more than one person to bring drinks. Smart girly.

As we were all getting ready to pray to bless the awesome food that was prepared by numerous people, we heard some slight rumbles in the sky. Slight. Following the rumbles was some SLIGHTLY dark clouds, ok REALLY dark clouds.

And before we could say AMEN, the wind was blowing....hard. Really HARD!

Now, my friend had done a lot of work to get this thing set up. I was very impressed with her table clothes and tarps over our heads and yummy food! Very impressed. Because when you come to my house, all to often it's just frozen lasagna.

JUST as we were all getting seated with our plates full and our mouths watering, the wind started to blow slightly harder.

And then a little more harder..

And then before we knew it, Toto had to be catching flying hot dogs and hamburgers in Auntie Em's house flying to Oz!! Plates were everywhere! Tea was watering the grass! Tarps were on people's heads and it looked like a scene out of Twister!!! At any moment there would be cows flying!

Oh if I'd ONLY had my camera!

All her hard work and our grand picnic was over!! And my friend said while laughing and chasing a paper plate down the street, "Oh ya, this is making the blog isn't it?" You know it girly!

But as soon as that storm blew through, the party was just starting for some!

Anyone else have experiences with overgrown boys and fireworks? I'd love to hear about it.

THREE HOURS ya'll. THREE. Of endless fireworks!!! And they have BIGGER plans for next year!! Oh my. It was Kaboom after Kaboom and more Kabooms! I'll be sure to bring my camera next time! It was a blast, literally y'all!!

But I did have a serious headache when I got home.

Now for randomness part 2:

This is the Kennyboo, on the beach. Please take notice of her sassy hands on her hips. This is how she spent most of her week, fussing at the water. "It try and git me mommy! It git me."

And here are my three girly's!! And I had to give them BIG PRAISES because they were ALL looking at the camera!! Whew!

My mom has a tradition to take the girl's to Build A Bear each year that we go to the beach. They always look so foreword to this time with her!

Well, Kennyboo had other plans. She would NOT be building a bear. Oh no. As soon as she saw these build a doll things, she was ALL Over it!! "I wanna do dat! I wanna do dat!"

So Kris and I took her to make a doll. Like we don't already have at least one.

Meet "Cassie"!

It was really fun for her to pick out her doll, do her hair, make up and she did eventually put some clothes on her, but only for a few moments. She has a thing, calling her Cassie a "Naked Bum" I don't know where she picked that one all. =)

Here is Taylor and Hope with their new friends. Taylor named hers Elle the elephant, very first born like. And Hopie named hers "Hope". She kinda has a thing with naming everything she gets her name...I guess she's just spreading her love all around!

And here is my mom with all three!

That was a lot of fun. We did a lot of other fun things, maybe another randomness blog post to come. =)


My mom and I had this BRILLIANT idea that we were going to "attempt" to be real photographers. So we all five matched up and headed out to the beach at sunset.

It was D-R-A-M-A. Like one for the books.

But this is what we ended up with! It will have to do for this year! I'm thinking next year Kennedy might be at a better age to have a REAL professional do this!!

Please take notice of our lovely expressions: "HURRY UP TAKE THE PICTURE." And ALL of our eyes are squinting...but there is no sun!! (deep sighs)


Randomness part 3:

I've been fluttering around like a butterfly for the past couple of days.

The Do You Think I'm Beautiful? Bible study I am leading is starting this week at church! If you are in the Charlotte area I'd LOVE to have you come! I'm sooooo excited to see what God has in store for this group. I know that this study has truly changed my relationship with the Lord in amazing ways and I cannot wait to see what it does in other lives! E-mail me if you need more info, but there's some on my side-bar.

Of course I'm still nervous. I'm always nervous. These darn nerves. If they would just GO AWAY, life would be grand! But maybe nerves are a good thing? They keep you grounded or sounding clumsy so people know you are "real". =)

I hope that on Thursdays or maybe Fridays for the next six weeks to post some of my thoughts about the bible study on here. It would be a good way to recap the nights events for the ladies and for you all! And I just might be getting all technical on you...maybe. =)

Maybe some of them will find their way onto this blog and actually leave a comment....gasp! =) You will be able to meet some of them and learn what God is doing in their lives through this bible study as well!! HOPEFULLY.

Well, this randomness has just gone on to far!! Hope you are having a good day. What are you up to today? See ya tomorrow!


Room for Grace said...

Great family picture!
We still haven't gotten a decent one since we became a family of 5. It's so much harder than it looks!

Melissa said...

Aw, I like your picture!
I hope everything goes well with your Bible study! I know that the Lord will use you to encourage other women! Nerves or not! :)
Have a great day!

Alisun said...

Your family picture looks very professional as it is, and I look forward to the tidbits of the study too.

Stephanie D. said...

Hey, sounds like ya'll had fun. I love the pictures. Don't worry abut the bible study, it will be GREAT!!!

JenB said...

Love the new look!
We tried beach pics last year---Chad and Faith took them. We went too early and the sun was still too high and we were all squinting AND the wind was blowing our hair everywhere. Nice.

XUE said...

l enjoyed your pics especially the one of yr 3 girls on the beach. I love the way the reflection, their shadows & the girls all meet together!

Sarah Martin said...

your family pic is BEAUTIFUL!!! hey, can you email me when you get a moment-I just have to know how you did the cute blog layout-did you do it yourself?? too cool


Irritable Mother said...

I love the picture on the beach. And the comment to go along with it. Honestly, when I see a wonderful picture of a family I often have the thought, I wonder if their happy expressions are a true reflection of the moment this picture was snapped! LOL

Amy E. said...

Love the new look for your blog! And that Kennedy is just a sassy little thing, isn't she?? Wayyyy too cute! Glad you guys had so much fun!

Runner Mom said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! I LOVE yours! Too, too cute--your girls are precious!

Thanks so much for your advice on the Bible study. I'll find Lysa's book and see if that gives me more direction.

Time for swim team! I'll visit you again soon. :)

Lelia Chealey said...

How fun! Your girls are true beauties!!

On Purpose said...

What an awesome family picture!

I am praying for you, and the Woman who God will bring to this Bible Study!


Amy L Brooke said...

I think the pictures are great!

Kim said...

Everytime we try to take pictures on the beach, I wonder why any brinde would be able to stand getting married there or how you see great wedding photos of couples on the beach....never works for hair always looks horrible blowing all over the place. LOVE the facelift that you gave your blog.....I will be praying for your study tomorrow night.

Michelle said...

I love your layout! Where did you get it from?