Monday, July 07, 2008

God? Do you want some Lemonade?

When you look at the glass do you see it half full or half empty?

When you hold your hand out to God, does He grab it and pull you or do you walk together?

When you see lemons, do they make you sour? Or do they make you want to make lemonade?

My soul has been searching for answers this week. There are so many things, decision's and agendas that are up in the air.

But, for now.. for this moment, I want to see things as half full! I want to grab God's hand and walk together! I want to make some yummy lemonade!

And so I will pull out these lemons of life and take a good look at them.


They are yellow. They are hard. They are ripe. And, They are what I've been given.

As I slice them up one by one they will get smaller and smaller. Soon, there will be no more full lemons. There will only be lemon slices.

Then I will fill up my crystal clear glass pitcher up with some good fresh water. And it will be filled to the top! Halfway isn't for this lemonade.

I will squeeze those lemons until they are all suckered out! I will have to work at it. And, it may take more than one try!

If I take a sip now, I will see that the water is just sour tasting. It still needs something more. It's just not ready.

And then I will decide...Splenda? or The REAL STUFF?

This lemonade, it's going to need the REAL STUFF!

Dumping cup after cup of sweet sugar, of the real stuff, something will happen. The sour in the water will become so sweet! The water will transform into something different! And it will taste like it's supposed to!

Like, Lemonade.

And I will look at those lemons realizing the good stuff is out now. I can throw them away. They aren't necessary anymore.

Pouring that glass will feel invigorating. Refreshing. Like something has been accomplished!

As I will bow my head towards my God, thanking Him for the lemons of my life...

I will ever so gently offer up to Him... my lemonade.

I will tell Him that this lemonade couldn't taste so sweet if it wasn't for, Him. That those lemons couldn't be sliced apart, if it wasn't for, Him. And that the lemonade couldn't taste so refreshing if I wasn't drinking it with, Him.

Isn't it good to know that when we are handed a lemon of life we didn't expect, that He can turn it into something sweet?
Today, I do hold a lemon. But in the other hand, I hold the sweet taste of God, His word! In front of me and all around is His refreshing presence!

All three mixed together will make something good!

"The Lord will guide you continually, And satisfy your soul in drought, And strengthen your bones; You shall be like a watered garden, And like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail." -Isaiah 58:11


Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

thanks for the lemonade!! you are a great writer!! hey - did i ever answer all your questions?

have a good one!!
love, Leigh

On Purpose said... is before 8am here on the westcoast and this has me thirsty and wishing we could chat in person over a glass!

You are a blessing!


nanatrish said...

Nicki, first of all I love your new look. Very pretty. You have written a super post and very insightful! Making lemonade is a choice and it's good to know we can make that choice. God has given us so much that even when we get things or situations that we think are lemons, he can turn them around in a refreshing lesson for life. In my devotions this morning I was reading about not asking God where He's leading me, but me focusing on Him more. I think I have such a tendency to be wrapped up in Trish and I need to be consumed by Him. If I focus on the fact that He gives me the lemons for a reason and He helps me to make the sweet drink to see the comparison, I can rest easier in Him. Girl, your writing is great!

Amy Boyles said...

I had a minute and thought I would visit your blogspot today. Keep up the great writing! I'll add you to my blogroll for a little extra God-given traffic. By the way, I love lemonade!!!

Amy L Brooke said...

I like the new blog look but I liked the old too. Do you change it all by yourself. If so, I have blog-knowledge envy!

LeAnne said...

Love the new look! And I love the post!

Sharon Brumfield said...

Well, I am here and I have caught up on all the post I missed in one sitting. The sad thing is that you only get one comment...well, that could be a good thing. :)
Love the beach posts...but, where is the picture of you enjoying the beach...I know you were waiting for the tan first...right?
You had better be willing to sacrifice your life if you take a picture of me in my bathing suit. ;)
Loved the picture of you all on the beach. I think the picture came out good and you should put it here on your new look. Which I love by the way. I think it fits.
I will agree with you on the whole lemon post. There are so many things up in the air here that could be labeled as lemons. But I do know that in the end those lemons are going to make for some great refreshing for someone else.
I will look back over this period of time and thank God for bring me through to His purpose.
So I will take the lemons and tell the world that my basket is full for His names sake.
This was a great post girl-very thought provoking.
....and yes, depending how far away the hotel was I would have probably told Julia to use the ocean. ;)
But this would have never been spoken out loud. ;)

Sarah Martin said...

thanks for sending me the email. after reading about your lemons-i am refreshed!


Stephanie D. said...

Hey that was a really great post. Now I want some.

Anonymous said...

Nicki, I love this message. You are growing!!! Love Mom

Van said...

I am so thirsty for some good lemonade - thank you for refreshing my soul and remindig me to see life through the positive. Right now I am teaching a Bible study I wrote- Wait Training - no I didn't misspell wait. I mean stepping into the Wait Room to wait when God says "wait." We don't like it, but as with lemons we can choose to see the benefit of the heavy waits. We can let them crush us or consume us. Or we can allow them to strenghten us and send us back out into the world better prepared for the next challenge, with our lemonade of course!

Technonana said...

I love lemonade and this is the best I have ever had!!! You really stirred up a good batch this time!!
Praise the Lord, He does take our hand and drink the lemonade with us!! Lifting you up to Jesus!!!

JenB said...

I'm listening to it now! Good job!

My Army Brats and Me said...

Always have a lot to say. You are a great writer. Sorry I have not been able to catch up on your conference. I know you had fun and learned a lot.