Friday, June 06, 2008

This one.....hits a spot with me. Sorry.

Ya' have to go here and check this video out and then come back. I tried to post it on this blog but it was being to "technical for me". Click on the word "here" and it will take you to what I want you to see.

Ok did you watch it???


What is happening in this world? Who are those people? I wanted to jump through the screen and help that poor man! I cannot believe that people REALLY act that way. I mean, sure we hear about people like that but to actually SEE them.....totally different.

But then I thought......this isn't so different than the everyday things that happen all around us. We, this "world" are so caught up with our own lives that we cannot see past our own pride, fears and failures into this world and what other's around us need.

We see that man on the corner begging for food and we turn our heads. We read other's blogs who we know they need a word of encouragement and we turn our heads. We don't give to support other's but when it's "our" turn we expect the world to fall at our feet. We don't listen to what other's are saying and wonder why our voice is never heard. We tell someone we will pray and then never do. We make a commitment and don't follow through. We act mean and stuck up towards other's because of our own pride and shame.

Every day we walk past someone who has just been "hit by a car" and react the same way. "What am I supposed to do?" or "I don't know them, or I don't like them, I'm not helping them." Don't we?

My heart hurts for those whose eyes can never see what they do to others. My heart hurts for those who can do mean and spiteful things and never have to say, "I'm sorry." My heart hurts for those who really cannot see the good in people and think there are "alternative motives" behind actions. My heart hurts for this man that was hit and the other's who are hit every day, and everyone just keeps on walking.

Don't get me wrong. I know what it's like to get burned out with someone because "something" is always wrong. I know what it's like to give and give and have it thrown back in your face. I know what it's like to think about someone, "what else??" I'm human.....I've been there. We all have. But, the truth hurts THEM.

So what do we do? Where to find that balance? How do we become that Good Samaritan in all situations we face?

Having a heart like God.

It's the only way. We will always be able to look at other's and see their faults. It comes WAY to easily for us. But we have to be able to look at other's the way God looks at us.

Do I think that God wants us to be doormats? NO.

But I also think that God wants us to be bold in our faith, bold in our giving of ourselves and bold in our loving of others.

We have to make do with what we've got too.

*If I don't have the financial means to help someone, I can send them a note of encouragement.

*If I can't find the words to encourage someone, it's just not "in me", I can ask the Lord for a verse to send them.

*If I have a pack of crackers in my car, I can give it to that man on the corner.

*If I have a hug in me, I can give it to anyone who needs it, regardless of how I feel about them.

*If I have a dollar and someone asks for a dollar, I can give it to them.

*If I see someone hurting and I know I need to pray for them, I can boldly pray for them like never before. And I can love them, not judge them.

2 Corinthians 9:7 "Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver."

The only way to make this verse into full play in our lives is to give to other's the way God shows us. It's obedience, it's not looking at what we can get back, or what is best for the's simply, plain obedience. Sometimes the way we give of ourselves is the biggest way to show someone we love them, regardless of how we "feel" about them.

Ok.........(deep sighs) I'm sure this isn't a home-run post, but it's what's on my heart today. Sorry, love ya'll so much though! Have a great, super blessed weekend!


Valarie said...

Girl! I nearly threw up when I watched that video this morning on the news!!! In fact, as soon as the title popped up when I clicked your link I couldn't watch it again! You see, I've spent over 15 years in the medical field. It was my JOB to help people and believe me, the Lord has put me in circumstance after circumstance to do just that. I am NOT tooting my own horn here, but the Lords!!! Once I even did CPR on a lady who had collapsed in the changing room next to mine in a department store! So watching this video just broke my heart.

Thank you for talking about it though, because we all have to do SOMETHING! It's our commission as believers!! Good stuff today girl!!
Thanks again.

Sharon Brumfield said...

You know I couldn't help but the over done reality T.V programs have numbed people just a tad. Did they think it was some joke and they would be made to look foolish?
I guess things haven't changed too much since Bible times if Jesus could tell the story of the good Samaritans and the people understood it.
It hurts my heart that our world has become so..."mind your own business" oriented.
But bottom line....if we have His heart then we will reach out no matter what others think. Sign of a renewed heart and mind is that what is naturally coming out of our heart is LOVE. No matter what people are like.
How can we do anything else after what He has done for us?
We don't have T.V thanks for sharing this.

Amy L Brooke said...

Yes, that is really awful! When I was in highschool my aunt went with us on vacation. We passed a car wreck and some people had stopped but my aunt told us we needed to keep going. There wasn't an ambulance or anything there yet. She was certified in life saving techniques as she had a business that involved transporting the sick and elderly from a small town to the city. I was so horrified. That was 25 years ago....

It was awful. This was awful.

God calls us to be involved. I pray that we don't become so desesitized or scared we might get sued or whatever that we don't stop to help....

No one even wen all the way over to him! Ugghh.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Nicki, that was a great blog. It was sad to think those people would be that disconnected. What a sad time we live in, but we have to keep our eyes on the Lord.

Alisun said...

It hurts my heart to see it, as sharon stated is reality tv that makes some stop instead of seeing the truth and going forth.
very insightful post.