Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Ok, since you all just adored my last post (ha ha, hear the sarcasim??) I thought I would LIGHTEN things up today with a fun post that I was tagged by NanaTrish. She is always so sweet and kind in her comments!

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

WOW, ten years ago......hmmmm........that would have made me almost 18 (hint hint honey, my birthday is coming up.....not that he would EVER forget it or like mother's day or anything like that, no un huh.....). Ok, so I was ALMOST 18, I know I was dating someone......I don't remember who it was exactly. There were a few that year. But, I was also on my first mission trip to Africa! THAT is a whole nother post! I was working at our church's summer camp program. Getting ready for my big senior year you know planning for important what I would wear to my prom. =)

2. My Favorite Snacks

Chips and Salsa by far!!! Ya'll.....this girl can put down some serious salsa!! I also love ice-cream!! L-O-V-E it!

3. Five things on my to-do list today

Goodness.......only five. Hmmm....

1. Finish putting ALL this laundry away.
2. Go swimming with Kennedy's wish-she-was-my-mom, Gi Gi (she knows who she is)
3. Attempt........ATTEMPT to convince Kennedy that her potty is not a lounge chair. (pictures to come)
4. Stop at the store for something for dinner.....any ideas anyone??
5. Polish up my She Speaks stuff.......(yikes!)

4.Things I would do if I were a billionaire

Well......first I would give God a big ten percent!! Lord, you sure you don't need me to handle that one??? hee hee! =)

I would give so many people surprises. Like I would buy my friend who needs a new mini van so bad.......the best one I could find! Or I would pay off another friend's mortgage. I would also pay for those that are struggling with tuition at our school. And I do just random things, like pay for the person in front of me's groceries or just leave little gift cards on people's door steps. Oh it would be so much fun! I wouldn't have anything left because I would totally give it all away!!

5. Five jobs that I've had

Ya'll......I've done a bit of everything.
1. Worked at a grocery store
2. Worked at a day care and summer camp
3. Worked as a Life guard which paid well in the area of love (it's where Kris and I met)
4. Nursing Home Aid
5. Receptionist
AND SO MUCH's kinda scary how many jobs I've had, and I've been a Mom of course......number one job

6. Five places I've lived
1. Arizona
2. Mannheim, Germany
3. Iwakuni, Japan
4. Charlotte, NC (but ask me how many times we've moved HERE!!! 7!!!)
5. Here now

7.Five random things people wouldn't know about me

1. I wear contacts but this is my real eye color (I get asked that all the time)
2. I don't like feet
3. But I LOVE flip flops
4. I don't like scary movies
5. I've been to Paris

8.Five cds that I'd have to take on a desert island

Can I skip this one? It's to hard.........=)
Anything worshipful!

9. People I tag are.........

Valley Girl
Sit with me awhile
Walk with me by faith
Faith's mom
Speaking Thru Me
A brooke in the Forest


Alisun said...

I love to read these posts and I will post tomorrow thank you for the tag!

Faith said...

Cool! I also love to read these and learn more about people! Now that I am done with work for the week, I should have some time to work on this!!

MiMi said...

Thanks for the "tag". I will work on this and hopefully get it posted soon. It IS a great way to learn more about people. Thanks!