Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Please help

Hey my sweet blogger friends.

I don't know how many responses I will get back from this. But I need your! I'm preparing and preparing for this weekend (She Speaks) and my teaching talk has me stuck........I've gone back and forth over several topics that I've written out and I need your help. I have five minutes during this talk to say something significant! =)

Is there anything that you've ever read on here that stuck with you? Good or bad? I'm so so so not trying to give myself props or anything like that......I just wonder if you have ever read anything that you remembered or thought was helpful, or something that God spoke to you about.

I am truly a nervous wreck and I'm praying that the Lord would just make this very clear to me as to the direction I'm supposed to go. I've got several things prepared, but need to narrow it today. Please help ya'll. There are over a 100 of you that read this every day and I don't know who all of you are but someone must have some insight and I will be eternally grateful if you would help this girly out!!!!


nanatrish said...

Nicki, I have read many things that stood out to me. I can't specifically name them, but I must say I am touched by your openess. I think in our world today many of us feel we must put up a facade to hide who we really are. You come across as a young lady and mother that is open to the Lord and open to her friends. Be willing to share the bad and the good. We are on a journey and being free enough in the Lord to let people know you have tripped up at times is very refreshing. Be yourself. Be who God made you to be. His warmth shines through you and be ready to glow for Him!

freetofly said...

Nicki, I'm with Nanatrish. There is sooo much you say that is significant and noteworthy! I couldn't pin it down off hand. I know the Holy Spirit will just flow, it's IN you! Trust!

I will say that when I first started visiting you were doing a post about hollering, I just know I KNEW you were God's girl when i read it! I could relate to it.

Also a while back you were talking about your testimony and how God had been so faithful during all your life and that was very touching...its all good Nicki! (it was at the beginning of the women's class you did a while back that was all real good stuff)

Have a wonderful trip! Sorry I haven't been around much...I am trying to visit and catch up! I can't waiut to hear about your conference!

Sharon Brumfield said...

Yikes! nothing like a little pressure.
Back when you were doing some stuff on Moses...there were some good things there. Can't put my finger on it right now but I remember liking the thoughts. I think maybe there were some things about being used by God/preparation.
Also I love the moments God speaks to you while with the kids.
There were a couple of times I believe you were driving and God clarified some things for you. I have enjoyed hearing how God has taught you through every day life.
Wish I had time to go back and look over some things.
You just know this....God has already gone before you. Beth Moore says she still gets sick before she speaks. But once you get up just let the passion God has put in your heart come out. You know where He has taken you...if He takes you there...He has something for you there. You do not need "man" to confirm your anointing. He will open doors...and if He does not open the don't want to go through it.

Remember this.....
Fear knocked....FAITH one was there.

Let Faith open the door this weekend.
Praying for you Girl....Stand up mighty warrior of God. Take the veil off your face and let them see the glory of God. You are going to minister to them and not to convince them. Let them be the ones to leave with a changed life because God sent you there as His messenger.

"For such a time as this"

Nicki said...

Thanks ya' much. These notes mean the WORLD me right now!!!

Sarah Martin said...

I am with Sharon-I loved all of your thoughts on Moses. I can't remember what post, but you wrote about lifting your hands in prayer and openned to the Lord.

I know you will do great this weekend. What a great opportunity. Please be sure to share all the details with us when you get back.

Also, thanks for your sweet reply to my post on my blog. It is good to know that I am not the only new mommy freaking out!!