Monday, June 02, 2008

Resting in Faith

Blogging might be all over the place this summer for me! I'm a very "routine" type of girl when it comes to my mornings, normally during school I:

1.Have Coffee
2.Have Quiet Time with the Lord
3.Get Taylor up for school and out the door, and
4.Then blog while having the second cup of coffee.

But.....this routine has been kinda messed up between the girly's!

Maybe this will work out good, blogging during "rest time" for the girls. I've been trying to keep them as busy as possible so that we can have an hour or two of peace and quiet around here in the afternoons! We'll see!

Today I woke up with the biggest sense of peace I've had in a LONG time. And it was just MUCH needed after last night. I stayed up very getting myself into a frenzy about this She Speaks conference which is 17 days!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!

As I've been looking from blog to blog of the other attendees I have felt SO OVER MY HEAD. So many of them have speaking schedules, books, and are just so incredible! I thought......"Lord, what am I going to do? I don't even know which direction to turn in preparing for this!!!" Well, my thoughts ran into my dreams last night which led to more thoughts this morning.

Which leads to this blog.

This is it for me.

This is my "voice" right now.

This is the only way, other than my handful of friends who listen to me ramble endlessly so sweetly, I love ya'll. =)

I hate to share this next part because it's totally giving away part of our next bible study at church, "Do you think I'm beautiful"....but the Lord's timing is incredible, perfect and so sweet.

As I was doing some work on the study, I came across a day that the title was called, "Inside His Arms". All about losing the wallflower role and becoming exactly who God intended you to be.

There was a question that said this, "How would you fill in this blank? Quit dreaming about ________ and go make dinner."

I thought for a while about what it was that I dream about the most, and honestly it is being able to share what God has done in me through speaking. Not for my glory, or for anything about me, but that I feel that God has just brought me through so much darkness and gifted me with being able to speak so openly about it all. So I wrote, "Speaking", in the blank.

Well, as I carried on down the page I read this sentence and about fell over.

"The God of heaven is "speaking" your name. He is calling your passions alive."

Tears still fill my eyes as I write that out, because to know that God is so in all these little tiny details. That I would read that page, on that day, that would breathe all over me like it did........could only be the hands of God!

He IS calling my soul awake, He IS drawing me closer to Him......and my job, it's not to get all worked up about who's more qualified than I am......because that would be ANYONE. It's simply to rest in faith, knowing that this is His timing, not mine, His financial gifts through others that provided it, not mine at all........and just trusting that He's going to show me exactly what to say and what to share.

It's resting in faith. Easier said than done......but I get it! Lord, I get it!!! =)

On a totally side note.....thank you all for your super sweet comments to the Hopie! She is BESIDE herself in glory knowing that she has had the MOST comments on this blog than anything her momma has ever written about. Which, she reminds me of daily. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. =) But I totally melted as I read Taylor's comment to her sissy! As much as those girly's fight......I can honestly see that they do really care and support each other. It's moments like that, that make it possible to carry on this duty day after day after day after day.

On a another TOTALLY side note.......Maybe I need a post that says "side notes".

Open house was yesterday, maybe a possible buyer!!!!! It's a girl that lives down the streets parents from up North. This is like pocket change to them for a house!! Right Craig and Dawn???!!!! So we shall see, we also have another showing tomorrow afternoon.

All I have to do is rest in faith. Whatever will be is already! =)

Sorry for the LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGG post, so much to say!


MiMi said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my new blog and for your sweet words. Your blog is so cute and your little girls are just darling! Thank you for being so transparent in sharing your thoughts and I know that God knows the desires of your heart before you even mention them. I am praying that He will grant you the desire that you have to speak to others about Him and that He will use you to help and encourage others. He has already done that through your blog! Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie D. said...

Nicki, girl, I was reading what you were saying about all those other people going to She Speaks. Well just think, they were in your shoes too, they had to start some where. This is all you, and you will do a GREAT job. God has blessed you with a gift.

Amy E. said...

Hey Nicki,
Some of the sweetest prayers I've ever heard have been the most simple. You may not have a speaking schedule or a book contract, but I can tell you that He is using you!! You have blessed so many, myself included, through your blog. You are so real and honest and don't mind sharing your stories of His grace. I just love that about you. Keep on blessing, sweet sister!

My Army Brats and Me said...

Hey sorry I am still sick. I will blog tonight a little anyway.

Kim said...

Nikki -
Who did Taylor get for 3rd grade?

Neva said...

You sound so busy and so happy. God will use you as he sees fit. He will put the exact words in your mouth that others need to hear. I believe it!
Praying about the house!