Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hat's off to Hopie!

I really shouldn't be sitting at this computer right now..........I mean, REALLY. I have ton's of housework to get done, we are having an open house this weekend as a last big attempt effort to get this house sold......... Since I got another one of those "great" offers yesterday. Ugh.......

Anyways, back to the PURPOSE of me taking a break from cleaning. (Because according to Kris there must be a PURPOSE. But I'm still "technically" cleaning, because my oven is self-cleaning itself right now, so surely that counts. Ya hear that honey.....IT STILL COUNTS!!)


Today was her big day at pre-school! Graduation day! She has been soooooo excited about this day for so long!

Instead of doing a serious program like they do must years they decided to make this one fun and festive! And festive it was!

Here comes Hopie walking down the aisle! Have you ever seen such a cool girly??!!!:

Here they are doing their little performance! See if you can "find Hopie". Her bow just might give her away! =)

Here she is getting her "diploma". So cute! =)

And what would a graduation be without cake??? Don't they look SOOO happy???

And one last goodbye to her teachers!

Ok Hopie, we're off to the next step! Kindergarten! You're such a sweet precious child and I love you sooooo much! Will ya'll leave her a "congrats" comment?? She's the middle child.......she desperately needs props! =) It will TOTALLY make her day!


My Army Brats and Me said...

GREAT JOB Hope! Have a wonderful summer. You are a big girly girl. And a cute one at that:0)
Ms. Cindy

Heather said...

Hope you guys have a great summer! She is so cute!

the reason I keep falling is from my sciatica. This girl is constantly on it and my leg just goes numb and I lose it. I have fallen so much. So they are going to do an aminio at 37 weeks and if her lungs are ready they will take her then .... fun times ...

Amy E. said...

Congratulations Hopie!!! And I'm sure Brooke would tell you the same...from one middle child to another! Love you and so proud of you!!
Ms. Amy

Stephanie D. said...

Oh, congratulations Hope and Mommy. Way to go, I know ya'll are so excited!!

nanatrish said...

Hope, you are really becoming a big girl getting ready for kindergarten. Your mommy and daddy are so proud of you and although I haven't met you I am proud too. You are a beautiful little girl and I hope you have a very special summer! Nana Trish

Jenny said...

You are going to LOVE school next year! You look like a sweet heart. Enjoy your summer!


Amy L Brooke said...

Dear Hopie,

You look so pretty and so grown up. It looks like you must have enjoyed preschool. And if you enjoyed preschool, just think how much you will enjoy school!

I still remember kindergarten. It was lots of fun. Will you go all day or just half a day? Back when I was little and their were dinosaurs (just kidding) we only went half day. My sister (we are twins) and I went in the morning. On the way home on the bus, sometimes the bus driver would take turns and let us sit up next to him. (This probably wasn't safe but remember there were dinosaurs so they hadn't invented safe things like car seats or fun things like cell phones and cable TV or ipods or MP3 players.) I won't exagerate (well maybe a little) and tell you that we walked to school both ways up hill because you are smart enough to know that we probably rode the dinosaurs instead . . . . Okay you are smart enough to realize that I already told you that we rode the bus!

If you understand all that I have just written you are very smart because I think I confused myself a little.

Yes, your mommy's bloggy friends sometimes ramble....

At any rate, I hope you had a great graduation and that you have a terrific summer and very special year in kindergarten.


Faith said...

Yay Hope!!! You are such a precious little girl. Congratulations! Now you are a kindergartener!!! Oh my goodness!

Irritable Mother said...

Congratulations, Hope!!!
How exciting to have a graduation diploma and cake to celebrate.
Have a great summer!

Karen said...

Hi Hope,

Wow you graduated! I am very proud of you, and congratulation! I really liked the pictures, and your snazzy bow looks great.

Also,I was happy to see what your school looked like, I always wondered about that.

I am going to summer school on Monday to learn about creative writing. If I can do summer school maybe I can graduate like you next year. I hope I get a cake like yours. I love cake!

I think you are going to have a lot of fun in kindergarten and learn about a lot of new things, maybe even math, which I use to dislike very much but now I just love it.

If you have any questions about kindergarten, feel free to ask me. I remember a lot about it, even though I am kind of old now.

Hope, I am very very proud of you.


Pastor Lisa said...

Woohoo! Way to go Hope!

Anonymous said...

Dear Little Hope! You are getting so big! It seems like only yesterday that we held you in our arms as a new born babe!

We are very proud of you Hope. The world is just waiting for you! The thing I appreciate about you hope is your gentle spirit, your kindness to others and your big heart.

As you go into Kindergarten don't loose these great character qualities. Know you are prayed for on a regular basis my little pumpkin! Love Mimi and Papa

ValleyGirl said...

Awwww, congratulations! Looks like a fun 'ceremony!'

Sonya said...

Great pictures! How exciting to be a rising Kindergartener!

I'll be at She Speaks so I wanted to drop by and say, "Hello!"

Kim said...

I certainly hope that is is God's plan for me to be your first grade teacher some day - soon! Congratulations! have a fun summer.

Mrs. Staples

Anonymous said...

Hip hip hooray for Hope!! How cute you are in your pictures. Wish we could be there to give you a super big hug. Keep reaching for the stars Hope! Much Love, Aunt Connie and Uncle Dave.
Your cousin Gracie just graduated from preschool too. Ask Mommy to show you the pictures I emailed her.

Anonymous said...


Lysa TerKeurst said...

I have a Hope, that we call Hopie too!

Can't wait to meet you at She Speaks in less than 3 weeks.

So excited!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you. You did such a great job this year. I bet you can't wait untill our morning car ride to kindergarten. I love you.

love daddy

Emma Jayne said...

awww! I wish my daughter had a big occasion like this wehn she ended nursery!!! Congrats to Hopie!