Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So my mom has a new job in Asheville,NC. This has meant a lot of driving back and forth for her which hasn't been so fun. So, she recently started renting a bigger place (until their house sells), and invited us all up for the weekend. We were excited to get away for the weekend, it was much needed!!

Her house is beautiful and has an incredible view......which I took no pictures of, sorry! But, it's really IN THE MOUNTAINS. Like gravel roads, Trees and everything! She loves it up there and so does my dad! And they look foreword to getting their house sold so they can buy something.

But, as with any "road trip" with three girly's.....there is surely DRAMA to follow.....enter drama queen number 1, The Kennyboo:

This is how she spent her time on the way up there......stuffing her face with as much candy as possible and endlessly talking. And, I've noticed lately that this MUST be a phase, please dear Lord let it be a phase, but she likes to narrate her life! Goes a little like this:

"I sita in my car seat"
"Momma, I eata my gum"
"Ook! Big BUS!"
"I taka my shoes offa"
"Sissy not sleeping"
"Ook! BIG BUS" (this was in reference to EVERY TRUCK WE PASSED)
"I eata my gum"
"I drinka my juice"
"I no wika dis movie"
"De Isy Bisy PIDER went up da water spout, Down came da wain and washed da pider out!!!" (OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER)
"Mommy, I sing Isy Bisy Pider!" .......ya think Kennedy??? Oh my.

Enter drama queen number 2: The Hopie. The child has the SMALLEST BLADDER in the world!! Five minutes after we get on the road: "Mommy, um.....are we almost there? I think I gotta go."

Enter drama queen number 3: The Taylor. "Hopie, QUIT LOOKING AT ME. I am not something you are allowed to stare at!"

SO after THREE LONG hours in the car we finally made it up there! We were so glad to see the Mimi and Popa! The girl's immediately wanted to try out Mimi's hot tub! So they did and Kennedy informed us over and over, "Is to HOT!". They went to sleep very quickly as they were all so tired!

The next day we headed up to the great attraction of Thomas the Train! We got our golden tickets and headed on board!

Here is Kris and the Kennyboo, she's saying "All Adord!" (all aboard!) Thank you woman in red shirt for ruining my precious picture! ugh.

Who's got their tickets???? "I gotta my ticket Mommy!"

Hopie's Got her ticket!

The train ride was fun for the girls. They got to hear the story played out of Thomas the Train. And now the Kennyboo LOVES to sit in the car with her toy train that her mimi bought her and say over and OVER and over and OVER "I dik I can, I dik I can, I dik I can..." Thank you Mimi.

After the train ride the girl's go to play in the little booths they have for the kids. They had a great time!

Taylor and Hopie with the bear! Notice no Kennyboo in the picture.......she was scared! "He get me! Mommy, He try an get me!"

Kennedy anxiously awaits her turn for a ballon!!

The next day, Sunday, my dad really wanted us all to go and check out Ghost Town in The Sky. But the Kennyboo was in a MOOOOOD. So my mom graciously offered to stay back with her so she could have a good nap and some down time. We got there and it was beautiful! The weather was just awesome! And this place was really cool.

Here are the girls standing in line to go up, can you see how high that chair lift goes???!!! WOW! Notice the LOVELY look on drama queen number 3's face. Tender moments ya'll........"Taylor! SMILE NOW!!"

Here is my dad and Taylor on the way up! Sorry it's so blurry! I don't know what happened! But you can't drive up, you have to take the chair lift which was a lot of fun! The views were just INCREDIBLE!! It was soooo pretty up there!

And here is Kris and the girl's an a ride at the top!They had a lot of fun riding the rides, seeing the shows and just enjoying the nice day! But, I noticed something about my stomach. I just can't handle those rides anymore!!! Where has my youth gone???? (deep sighs) Good thing Kris is still young! =)

And ya'll....I would totally show you more pictures but my computer is acting like a fool!

But, we had a great time and can't wait to go back again. And I leave you with this last sweet look from drama queen number 1 and please take note of pillow case over head in drama queen number 2. They were crying as we were pulling out of the driveway.......poor souls.....poor souls. =) We'll see her again.

ps-I'll leave this post up for a few days. We've got a lot going on this week so I'm not sure I'll get around to blog to much. And if you haven't voted on the poll above please do! It ends tomorrow! I love your input!


Sharon Brumfield said...

So were you in Dillsboro?
I believe that is where Thomas comes when we are at our conference in Maggie Valley. And of course Ghost Town is right around the area where we are looking for a house.
My brother lives about 20 minutes from Ghost Town. We have never been but lots of the families go while at the conference in Lake Junaluska.
How cool you were there. So you see why we love the area?
It is beautiful in that area.
So if we are there and you decide to come back....we shall have to meet for some coffee or lunch.

Brenna said...

It sounds like a mighty fun day! Are three of your girlies are too cute. Are they close in age?

Deborah said...

What a beautiful family. Its a beautiful place. love always me

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

hey girl - love the new look of the blog. you do a great job every time!! Girls are beautiful as ever. we are so glad to be back! I have so many thoughts and experiences i amnot even sure i can get it all out.

have a wonderful day - ya'll out of school?

Nicki said...

Sharon, I'm not sure if it was Dillsboro or not. But if you think that's what it was it probably is!! =) And if you end up around there we will surely meet up one day!!

Hey Brenna! They are close in age, 7, 5, and 2.

Deborah and Leigh! Thanks ya'll!! Leigh I'm glad your back and YES....outta school already. Although pre-school ends this week.

JenB said...

I need to find out where in Asheville your mom is. Daniel's parents live there. Kids are there now.
Looks like a fun weekend! See ya when we get back!

LeAnne said...

We love that area! We've been to Maggie Valley many times. My hubby and I stayed there on our honeymoon and we go thru there on our way to Pigeon Forge. I remember going to Ghost Town when I was little and was surprised when they closed several years ago. But we were HAPPY when they decided to open up again. Were you at Tweetsie Railroad? That's where we'd like to take our boys within the next year or so. Have you ever tried the Dillard House (a big restaurant up that way)?

ValleyGirl said...

Looks like a wonderful time! Hope you're relaxed and freshed for what sounds like some busy days ahead!

Alisun said...

Car trips are not fun with girl and boy I can only imagine what three girls were like.
Out of the car looks like great fun!! Glad to hear about family time with the parents always good for the soul.

Melissa said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Hope your parent's house sells really soon! Your girls are growing so much! You guys will have fun going to see them and hopefully the drama will wain a little as they grow and get use to the ride. I do know about the drama. Not drama of 3 girls though, but we still have drama!