Thursday, May 01, 2008

What's going on....

I'm very hesitant as I write this post as I know many of you are going to go, "WHAT?"..........

We've made a decision after much prayer and seeking out guidance. We've decided to try to sell our house and build!

There were many, many factors that have lead us to attempt to open this door. This house, it has truly, truly been a gift from the Lord. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that He lead us here. But we believe the reason He lead us here was for some hard work that could reap a benefit. Now as to whether or not this is the time to sell or not, only the Lord knows that answer.

Kris frankly has enjoyed this "project". This kind of stuff is in his blood! He just thrives off doing and fixing things, and my goodness has he done an amazing job around here! However, we both agree that long term this "dream" of ours to add on an addition, garage and deck and much more, isn't that likely anymore. With two starting in the fall to Christian school, and me staying at home with Kennedy still, money just doesn't flow like honey around here!! =)

Also the sudden "surprises", like gas bills that are $300!!!, or pipes that decide to break, heating units that stop working or septic systems that start acting up and SO MUCH gets to be a lot on our pockets. And since I'm not one for surprises, I found this old house keeping me up many nights. With three small kids and a husband who works very hard and long, long hours, "projects" are often a big challenge. And let's just say, my man likes to work ALONE and my girly's love to help a man out! And yes, I do realize that in ANY house there are always going to be "things" that need to be worked on but hopefully not the serious stuff like it's been around here.

We were presented with an incredible opportunity to build in a new neighborhood in the first phase which the deal was just great! If this is what God's wants, then His hands were all over it!! But of course, with every sweet, sweet deal, there is always a catcher.........we have to be able to have our house under contract in 60 days. So, we have been working like MAD PEOPLE trying to get all of our "honey to do" lists done!!! Kris did a ton of work while we were gone to Seattle and I have been working like madness to get all of my lists done!

The house is looking great! The Lord has amazed me with my husband and his inexpensive ways to make things look great! So if anything.......we were able to get everything done around here now!! So if the house doesn't sell, it will make it a little more comfortable for the rest of the time we are here! And no, I will not be crushed if this house doesn't sell. I truly know that IF this is what God wants, then it's already sold. If not, he will continue to sustain and provide for us and he will have another opportunity in another house when it's time.

I've been doing my homework and research on prices and if we can get a buyer, we should be able to make a little bit of money which would be great! All of Kris's hard work and smarts would pay off. We are doing for sale by owner, but buying a MLS # which seems to be the cheapest way to go. But again, this is all "if". Many days we have looked at each other and wondered if this was the "smart" thing to do. But we are confident in knowing that we have not gone into debt for this house and the Lord has provided the materials in AMAZING ways!! This was the ONLY way we could ever do a "fix and sell house" deal. To live in it and fix it as we went along.

It's all exciting, and it's neat to see if this is what God wants! Kris and I have been very adventurous with this house and we are just ready for the next adventure! I've been praising Him all the while I've been working! Many, MANY lessons on life have been made in this house. I'll be sure to post some pictures so you can see all that my man has done!

SO please don't think this is a "contentment" issue or anything like that. God has shown me how to be content in this little old house, and I do love so many things about it. We again are just "testing the waters" to see if this is what the Lord had planned. He knows how anxious my heart has been with all the things that keep going wrong and we both feel that the only way we will truly know is to just put it up for sale and give it a go!

Ok......there. It's out. You know. It's been so hard to not say anything on this blog!! =)

This morning the Lord gently reminded me of this verse:

"And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him." -Hebrews 11:6

That's all Kris and I want, to be found faithful in Him. This isn't about "us" or our wants to anything like that. It's just about being in God's will. And no, the Lord just doesn't shout it out from heaven as to what we are supposed to do. It can only come from a genuine seeking Him out. And so we will trust in Him and we will wait upon Him. We will not "make" this happen or "convince" God that this what He wants! We will please Him by walking in faith and earnestly seeking His will for this!

Ok, well off to start this day! Have a blessed one! Much love and hugs to you all!


Alisun@ABrookeInTheForest said...

We have a similar situation and I have not blog it either, it is hard to put it in the open and trust so much. We have been living in a home owned by MIL and it has been a mixed blessing for us. We need to have some separation, we live next door also this has been good and bad all in all it has been a blessing. We feel that it is time to move on to our own home with our family and start our lives, we have helped to care for her and she needs this although we need to make a life for ourselves also.
We purchased a home in a town by my family 3 years back and thought we would keep it and have our home in our town too. We feel like we want to sell the one by my family to focus on the home God has showed us in our home town, ya selling a home for profit would take an act of God in this market.
Sorry so long, I am saying that I will pray for your family just as I am praying for mine. My hubby remodeled the out of town house and he is attached to it as one of his kids, hard to let go.

Sharon Brumfield said... are right...N.C is North Carolina.
I am not sure what part....but I pray it is in the mountain area.
If that is where God wants us.
We have to be out by the end of this month and we don't know where we are supposed to be going.
We have two pieces of property that need to sell. When that takes place -God willing-it could move us into some place debt free. The dream I believe God put in my head long ago.
So we will look and see if we get a go ahead from God.
Walking by faith?????
It is getting tight....but I rest in the fact that He knows where we will be at the end of this month.\o/

Valarie said...

Will pray for the Lord to SLING WIDE the doors for you guys!! Good to see you this morning and sorry I didn't get a chance to come over and squeeze that neck of yours!!!

Have a good one. Hope to see you tonight at the church to pray.
Love to ya chickie!!

Amy L Brooke said...

How exciting! I will pray for you and all that needs to be done.

Pastor Lisa said...

Oh sweetie God bless! We just went through the process! We were able to lease our old house so that we could move into our new one. If you're buying a KB Home and somebody says something about a relocation program...girl run! Then call me. LOL! We're happy with our KB Home but that program tested our salvation regularly!