Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Prepare to be overloaded!

Wow.......it's Tuesday afternoon and I'm just getting around to this post!! Life has been busy! I'm in the middle of cooking dinner, holding a sobbing two year old and writing this......so bear with me!! =)

We had a great trip to Seattle and the wedding was beautiful! It was a different style wedding, but it was definately pretty! But since pictures are easier to follow, prepare to be overloaded with them!! There are jus to many to choose from so you will have to look at most of them!! =) Get comfy, this is a LONG post... Ok, here we go:

The first day we were there we headed into town to check out the city. Our first stop was Pike's Place Market which was just everything it was on the Food Network the day I watched it with Paula Dean!! =) Her narrations were much better than mine!! But it was COLD!!!! Brrrr.........

Something about the look on this fish's face....hmmm.....makes me kinda glad I don't care for the fishy foods to much!! =)

So you know how Mrs.Paula showed the world how these folks throw these fishy's through the air at this famous market, and you thought they only did it for her? Well, guess what? They did it for me too!! =) hee hee, not really, it was for this woman's grandson, who BTW made SURE I wasn't in her way for her picture! Apparently Paula's southern charm hadn't rubbed her the right way yet.....

Ok 1, 2..........3!!

We toured the market and found lot's of neat things! You can buy these BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers for like $10!! It was amazing! Then the girly's found themselves something to bribe the mimi to buy them (one of MANY things, those sneaky girls) This was really cool, it's a hair coil. It was fun!

Then is was time for the Quack Quack tour.....aka "Duck tours of Seattle", it was really, really fun!! By this point we had met up with my Aunt and Uncle, two of which I have NO pictures, sorry ya'll!! But the "duck" took us all over Seattle and into the water, which was really fun!!! We learned all about Seattle. And what duck tour would be complete without a set of "quackers". That would be my girly's.

Then we prepared to eat the most expensive lunch on the earth at Seattle's Space Needle! That was a really cool experience!! Taylor's comments were that they were the best chicken and fries she had ever had! Better than McDonald's! I had a yummy Chicken Caesar salad which was GREAT!!

After that we headed back to the hotel to warm up in their pool! That was a lot of fun! And then it was early to bed for us, we were exhausted especially with the three hour time difference!

The next day, Friday, we really just hung out and went to Mike and Jenny's rehearsal and the dinner. We also got to meet Jenny's son, Gavin, who stole my girl's hearts. He is a crazy little guy but he was a lot of fun! And yes, my girly's were walking around with curler's all over their heads!!

Then it was time for the big day! Here are the girl's and Mike before he saw Jenny.

My mom and dad and Mike:

Me and the girls

The rest of these are just me having fun with my camera:

This is the girl's with Gavin, it was funny, he would only call them "flower girls"! "Come on, flower girls!".......

Here is Jenny and the bridesmaids:

Her beautiful dress:

And that's all I have!!! I know..NO pictures of them together, oh my goodness. What was I thinking??? I'm sure my mom has some that she can e-mail me and then I can post them!! Ok well, dinner is done, girly's are hungry and I'm burned out with this post!! Sorry it's kinda scatterish (oh if that's a word).


Faith said...

Love the pictures! It looks like you got to see some really cool things. Glad it was such a fun trip!
You look awesome in that pic with you and the girls...very sassy! Love the dress and the jewelry!
Glad that things are going good for your brother. I pray they have many wonderful years of marriage!

Pastor Lisa said...

Oh what beautiful pictures Nicki!

Sarah Martin said...

that was fun to see the pics-the flower girls are adorable and mom looks good in that navy dress! glad you had fun!


Valarie said...

Welcome home sweet girl. The Father brought you to my mind often this weekend - even during Going Beyond and I lifted you to His throne.

You all look BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for the pics.

ValleyGirl said...

Looks like a fabulous whirlwind of a trip! Glad you had fun!! I love those b/w shots of your girls ~ beautiful!!

My Army Brats and Me said...

Looks like you had a nice time. I am glad you went. You look fab. You have to email me about that.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time.
Love all the pictures--especially of the market.
I love the wedding pictures. I have never seen a wedding dress like that before---guess I am out of the loop.
The girls look beautiful.

Alisun@ABrookeInTheForest said...

I love weddings and looking at pics from them too. How pretty you all look still three girly girls.
Glad you had a fun and safe trip.