Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Pursuit of Love

Since it's all Valentine's week and stuff......I thought I would continue on with more things about this day. But today, let's talk about love. How do you love your God? How do you love others? Do you find it hard to love certian people?

Matthew 22:37 says this, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all you soul and with all your mind."

There we see it......Love the Lord YOUR God........did you see that? It didn't say, "MY GOD" "OUR GOD" "US GOD" "WE GOD" (ok, those last two don't make sense but you get the point!) So much of my passion is for people finding out who God is to them personally. Now, yes, it all needs to line up with scripture BUT, who God is to each of us personally, it's all very different. And different is GOOD people!! How the Lord whispers "SWEET NOTHINGS" in MY ear, could be totally different then the way He does it with you.

God meets us WHERE WE ARE TODAY.

When I think of loving God with ALL my heart......here is what I think: I LONG for the day I will be in His presence, I live for Him through each moment, Every action and every word is spoken from being in His presence daily, I awake early eager to see what He has to say to me, I trust Him even when it doesn't make sense to me.

To Love the Lord with all my SOUL.......this means that my soul NEVER wanders from the hope I have in Him. I do not question who He is to me and to this world. I know that when I die my earthly body will remain on this earthy my soul will meet him face to face!! It means there is a light inside of me, because I've asked him to be there. It means that I have hope for everything that I do. It means that written all over my soul just like a voided check it says, "SHE'S God's".

To Love the Lord with all my MIND..........the mind is a battlefield and I do hope you have come to this great realization in your walk with the Lord. The mind is what connects us to him and to every aspect of a relationship with the Lord. It means that although I come under attack quite often, I know that in my mind, I can and will return to the Lord daily. It's a choice this one........oh yes, it's a choice. I didn't always think that it was a choice to be sad, fearful, depressed or angry. But, the Lord QUICKLY showed me that it is. I can choose JOY or I can choose saddness. Oh I'm so glad I learned how to choose JOY, and it's not easy, oh no, it's not. But step by step, He leads me to daily choose Joy.

I don't know if anyone will ever read this and this will speak to their heart........that's not the reason I write. It's a hope that comes from things I write, but it's not the reason. Just like I choose Joy, I choose Love. I choose to live out in my life the Love of Christ. It's not easy, the road get's bumpy somedays...like yesterday. But I always know that He is there, just waiting for me to say, "Here you go." And release it unto Him.

We have to be careful to not allow our pursuit of the love of Christ to be a "look at me" kinda deal. And blogs make this very difficult. Because it does just come down to us and Him.......Like I said yesterday, on the day I stand before God, my blogger friends are not going to be beside me saying, "But OH Lord.....she wrote this....and she said that....." and my friends are not going to be there saying, "But Oh Lord, she said this and she prayed that...." NO, God is going to say, "Hello Nicki, Let's talk." And if I don't know him today, if I don't love Him today, and if I don't live my life today for Him......well, that just might be an uncomfortable conversation!!

The Pursuit of Love.......it's a good thing, it's an awesome thing.....to love the Lord!! The rest will come!!! But it all starts with a heart that just says, "I love you God, today I love you. Walk beside me and love on me, whipser sweet nothings in my ear and make me fall head over heals in love with you Lord."

Oh Sweet BLOGGER PEOPLE, Would someone PLEASE fix the spell check?? This girl cannot hang with those great spellers......

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Sharon said...

On you computer can you go to the spot where you can "go back" to when your spell check was working? It should be under the area where you go to do clean up.I can't think of what it is called.I think on my computer it is called GO BACK.
When you highlight a section and then right click do you see spell check?
I wish I could help--I need mine too. If you get really desperate you could always do your post in word or office and then copy and paste back to your post.
But if it makes you feel any better I don't see any glaring things that hit me in the face. Maybe my fingers work like yours and it just looks like what I am used to seeing. :)
I have been doing some reading on living for God by faith. When that happens what I do will come because of love and not out of religion. I don't know if that makes sense. But I won't live my Christian life on the outside. But what happens on the outside will come because of a love relationship with God that is already on the inside.
If it is not already there then when I get to heaven and stand before God like you said--the experience will be horrible. He will say that my actions did not line up with what was in my heart. And thus they were like filthy rags and they made Him sick. Can you tell I am studying Isaiah?
This was chock full of stuff to chew on. May are hearts become more like His as we spend time in His presence. May we learn to love genuinely--not just in words and deeds. May we truly become little Christs.
Loving this girl