Monday, February 11, 2008

Frugal Me Monday

Ok, SOOOO......who's been playing the grocery game??? It's not to late to get started!!! This week I went to one store and saved $55, my total bill was only $80. SO, this is MUCH better!!! Last week I saved over $100, at two stores!! So post, post post, your comments on this!!! So, I've gone from spending $700 a month at the grocery store down to right about $400.......MUCH BETTER. I'm getting better at it too!! I hope to keep saving more and more!!

Other things I've done this month are......we cut out caller ID and long distance......sorry folks, I won't know if you've called or who's calling!! This cut our bill down $40!! Plus I switched to a lower plan for the internet which saved us another $20, ya the speed is slower, but it's worth the savings. I'm not all high tech on the computer anyway!

Since it's almost Valentine's Day I thought it would be fun to post thoughts on cheap ways to do this day!!

Here are a few of mine:

1.THE DOLLAR STORE is a totally awesome place to buy cards, candy and goodies for teachers and friends

2. Make your family a very special dinner, instead of just thinking that this day is about you and your man, consider involving the whole family!! This is also MUCH more cost effective than going out to eat! (Although last year we headed to CiCi's pizza....that was pretty cheap!!)Have the kids pick a course, you pick one and your husband, and everyone works together!! This is super fun in a small kitchen....ha ha, listen to my sarcacism (oh I wish spell check was working!!)

3. Check for coupons to Drug Stores such as Walgreens or Rite their weekly circular I've seen a LOT of good deals!!

4. Write a poem........this again is FREEEEEEE (I MIGHT just post the one I wrote for Kris)

5. Leave little notes at the breakfast table for your kids, telling them how much you love them and what makes them so special (after all this day IS about making people feel loved and special!!!)

6. You can buy heart shaped cookie dough cutters that are GREAT for sandwiches!!! My girly's LOVE these!! They think they are so special!! Plus, it gets all the crust off!!

Ok, now it's your turn oh lucky you!!! Let's see how many aweseome ideas we can come up with for a very FRUGAL Valentines Day!!! I can't wait to see what you say!!!


Sharon said...

I am afraid I am not being so furgal (I will leave that for your benefit)at the moment. It seems like every I time I turn around lately I am having to run to the store.
I guess I am going back to the other Monday and see what I can find if I do the coupon store thingy.

As far as Valentines I bought mugs from Walmart with hearts on them and then bought some cheap candy to put in them. Also, Julia loves stuffed animals so I bought a tiny one to fit in her cup. I will cook dinner for the family.

Pastor Lisa said...

When we made the move to the new neighborhood I found a grocery and store and spent $99 and had a basket overflowing! And that included lots of chicken, pork chops and ground round. My bill has been cut in half!

Heather said...

Girl do tell how you saved that much at the grocery store! Our bill is normally around 400 a month and I'm trying to cut it down!