Monday, February 11, 2008

Me and My God

Whew......I've blinked at it's 12:00 on Monday......where did Friday, Saturday and Sunday go??? Do you ever feel this way? Just walking around and all of the sudden days, weeks and months are.....gone.

This is how I feel today.

Time is short.

On Saturday Kris and I spent the day at church at a conference called Song of Solomon. It was INCREDIBLE!! We just had the best time and learned so much not only about ourselves in our marriage but how to raise our children. And the focus wasn't on raising children, it was on LOVE, but we took so much from it just in that aspect of our girls and the incredible responsibilty God has given us. It was fun, but phew, I was T I R E D after it all. We ended the evening with a comedian named Ken Davis.....OH MY WORD......I have never laughed so hard in my life!! I was either so tired that I was just laughing until I cried or he was THAT funny!! And Ya'll go see Kim over at ONLY ONE and I kid you not....I could hear that girl laughing all the way at the end of my pew!!! It was so funny!!

I feel so out of it today though........and I'm sure I'm just tired for everything going on...BUT, I'm drinking diet coke surely I will be popping up soon!! =) This new PLUS has VITAMINS coke.......yes, surely it x's out all the bad qualitites. Or so I'm telling myself!!

You know......last night, I went to the grocery store, and YES I WAS FRUGAL....(how about you?) *check back later for our Frugal Me Monday Post...........but as I pulled into my really looked like a Day Care center outside.

Bikes, Scooters, Strollers, Blankets, Frisbees, Buckets...........

I'm not kidding.

And I sat there for a moment, and I wanted to get upset, but I just couldn't. I couldn't get mad for healthy happy children that like to run and be free and make messes. It's a truly is. And although there are many things this momma wants to do with her life, none could be more important than this job now. Time is short.........but God is near. The grace God has shown me has been a gift.........I don't deserve what I have.

I don't deserve anything that I have. And to many on the outside, it may seem as though I don't have much (materialistically) But, although my heart used to long for things like a big house, new cars, nice clothes, hair that is fixed properly every day and highlighted every six weeks........God has shown me that all of will quickly fade. Just like one day I will pull up in my driveway and it won't look like a day care will be empty. And one day I won't have meals to cook for five will just be two. And one day, I won't have hair to brush, or bows to make for little girls........they will do their own hair. And one day........maybe, my laundry basket will stay empty or at least low, for more than a day!! (THAT is something to look foreword to my friends) All of these things........they will fade away.

I've learned to laugh at silly smile at sweet moments and to cheerish all of these days in my heart. And to remember that I don't deserve it.........I've done nothing to "earn" this life. But do you know what I've learned more than what I have to look foreword to. My heart longs and yearns for the day I will meet my Savior face to face. Because things like laundry, messes and bills.........those won't matter on that day. But what will matter is my heavenly Father looking into my eyes and saying, "Well done, my good and faithful Nicki."

Things are changing in our world ya'll........some kinda scary. Prophecies are being told, and warnings are being given. We've got to hold onto what we've got and stop wishing for more. What God gives us today, it's enough. This all will fade away one day, and what will be left is you and God. One the day we stand before's just us and Him. No one will be around to defend us for the way we acted, the things we said or the disobedience that we lived in. Oh how I pray and hope that my life will be a legacy.......but more than that I hope that my God will rejoice when he sees me enter the gates. And it won't be as if we never met, or never spoke.........but it will be that of a reunion.......

So you see.........all that truly matters today, is me and MY God. Who He is to's not about agruments, war of scriptures, or prideful's just me and Him. Walking through this thing called "life" with grace and forgiveness that is so un-deserved.......That is called Mercy my friends........Mercy......Resting in Him is where I am today........I pray you are as well. I leave you with this hope that is found in this song as we pray for eachother, our country and our homes...........

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Sharon said...

First I love this guy. When he sings--it is like really he really means it. So many are just singing words that are just coming from their heads and not their hearts.

I have heard of the a conference based on the Song of Solomon.I thought it would be good to teach to women. There was a study that could be done.
I am glad ya'll got to go.
Maybe you could share some info you learned?