Friday, January 18, 2008

Kitchen IS DONE!!!

Ya'll!!! I'm so excited!!!! Our LONG Kitchen Makeover is FINALLY done!!! And I just have to give a big shout of AMEN to the Lord because he has blessed us so much through this kitchen!!! My hubby is the MAN!!! He knows someone that knows someone that knows someone!!! =) This had to be the most inexpensive kitchen redo ever less than $400!!!! Here's the run down of all we did...........Cabinets, painted and added molding we kept the original hardware for some character to the house.........Counter tops!!! YAY!!!........then it was paint and who knew that painting plaster would be such a job!!!.......oh wait back up.......the table, that was from Craig's list and I re-finished it.......OH MY........then it was the plumbing........more oh my's....then the chandelier which was the greatest deal EVER $30 WITH the shades!! It was on clearance at Lowes, but I had to search high and low for one available, it was worth it AND we had a coupon.......then the recessed lighting........then at last the floors!!! And here's the BEST part about those.......they were FREE!!! YES, God is so good!!! It was at a house that was being demolished and the floors were only less than a year old and Kris took them out, but we had to order a few extra tiles They are the interlocking ceramic tile and my man did a GREAT job!! He did the staggered pattern. So, I just thought I would let ya'll see what all that whining was about!!! TWO ROOMS DOWN!! How many left to go??? (whew.......)

ps- Sorry the picture of the new floors is in the middle of the redo pictures, I'm not sure how it ended up there! =)


Kim said...

I love it - looks GREAT - I am going to get Todd to talk to Kris about the flooring that he did - Todd plans to redo ours this summer in the kitchen and dining room. I know you don;t mind cooking in there now - reward that hubby with some homecooked meals. :) Well done!

Nicki said... will be a good thing.....tomorrow. =) Kris just LOVED these floors! They are so cool how they interlock! He'd be glad to show him what he did! Have a great weekend!

Amy E. said...

Hey Nicki,
Your kitchen looks GREAT!!! I need to paint my cabinets at my house but just haven't gotten up the "gumption" to do it yet!
I'm sorry about your bad day yesterday, but I know God put you there for a reason. You are just so kind and precious and I know you are a blessing to everyone. Even through that mistake, I know your kindness and empathy touched them.
You're right about home being a "safe haven." I can remember when I went to college (a real culture shock for me!) I just longed to be at home where I knew everybody loved me for just who I was. :)
Have a good day, sweet girl! I'm praying for snow!!!!

LeAnne said...

Wow! I love that! I love the kitchen table too. Cute little breakfast nook! I'd forgotten about those. I think I'll show my husband and see what he thinks!

ValleyGirl said...

That looks AWESOME, Nicki!! So much brighter and sleeker! I love it!! Congratulations on making it through the renovation!

Nicki said...

Amy- Thanks girl!! I'd love to see your cabinets when you get up to it! This may mean you need a BLOG. =)

Leanne- I LOVE this table, everyone that comes over this is the first thing they just love, it's been so practical with our small space too! They sell them at if you are intereasted.

Tammi-Thanks girl!!

Sharon said...

Wow--great job!
It looks fantastic. What vision.

And isn't God good to give you a man who could do all of this?
It is beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Nicki, The kitchen looks awesome!! You've got some great taste girl. Way to go!

Leigh Gray said...

love, love, love it!!!

Molly said...

Your kitchen is just lovely! You've inspired me to paint my cabinets white. I think it will brighten ours up. Can I ask where did you get the "Live, Love, Laugh" picture? I need one just like that, same size too. :-)

Nicki said...

Hi Molly! Thanks so much! I can't wait to see yours!! I got the picture at Kirklands. I hope you have one around you, it's the best store EVER!!! Have a blessed day!!

Pastor Lisa said...

The kitchen is beautiful! Wow! $400? That's awesome. Enjoy!