Monday, January 21, 2008

Lord, Bring my water from the Rock today

Before I get started, we had a great weekend! It was Kennedy's 2nd birthday on Saturday and she was just as precious as can be!!! I absolutely cannot believe my baby is no more!!! These two years have flown by and I've enjoyed her so much. She is a bright shinning, very funny, happy go lucky kinda girl. She can't quite say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, so she walked around going HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!! I hope ya'll enjoy these sweet pictures! Pretty in Pink is the story of her life!!

Ok, switch gears..........You may wonder where on earth the title from this post is coming from today. Today, I need my God to be big in my life today. There are so many issues, concerns and just answers I need from Him about so many things. As I was going through my bible this morning, God brought me to Numbers 20:1-13. This is the story of Water from the Rock with Moses. I'm sure you've read this one before......the people had no water and Moses struck the rock twice with his staff and water came out........ But there is more to this story......a miracle in the midst of disobedience. You see, God had instructed Moses to simply speak to the rock and the water would come. But Moses was just plain ticked off at his people and in that anger, he disobeyed God. The consequences were inevitable.......they would not enter the land of promise. My foot-notes say something that really struck me, "God's holiness was offended by Moses' rash action, for he had not shown proper deference to God's presence."

Where I am at in my walk with Christ, is this.......I feel so close that I can almost feel his breath on my skin at times. God has been speaking to me very clearly......he has been opening doors, providing and leading me. I can't imagine a day not in His presence and when I'm there........I don't want to leave. But there are still many un-answered concerns on my heart. I've often asked myself, am I in disobedience in any area's of my life? There may be some area's where I would say, Yes.

When I think about Moses and closely he walked with the Lord and yet still failed to understand the Glory of really makes me wonder. Lord is it so possible to be so close to you and still miss what you are saying??? And GOD........WHAT is it you are saying? The words that are in verse 12 stick to me the most........"Because you did not trust in me enough to honor me as holy........." And Lord just how you confirmed with Moses about the direction He was many times I've looked for signs, your voice and your touch to confirm the vision you have given me. Is it possible I am wrong? I have been mislead? Or God.......are you showing yourself to me as my 11th hour God once again? You are waiting for the perfect moment to step down and do something big?

The reaction Moses had was a lack of trust in God. I don't want to do anything, especially with big decisions that have to be made....out of frustration, disobedience or most importantly a lack of trust in the Lord. Have you ever seen someone else reaching out for something that you could very clearly see was wrong for them, but they just had no idea? They feel like they have to justify every little thing they do to allow themselves to believe they are in obedience to Christ. I beg you, if you see this in my life.....please tell me.

So my thoughts are many day, my prayers are even more. I ask you all to please lift up my friend and her little girl today. They believe she has Mercury poisoning and she is very sick. Please join me in intercession for this little girl.....I have known her since the day she was born and her momma is very dear to me. Pray that the doctors would find the right things to do to help ease her pain. And pray for my friend's strength during this time. I love you girl!!


Sharon said...

I am thankful that we serve a God that is the total wrap up of all wisdom. And I am ever grateful that all we have to do is ask for it. So this morning I ask God to give wisdom to these doctors as they care for this little girl.

I am always a little hesitant in telling anyone they are heading in the wrong direction. If they are someone I mentor and we have had a long relationship I might mention that they want to take a step back and reevaluate some things.
Sometimes if I know they know what is right--I won't say anything because they need to learn to trust what is true and not their own feelings.
The only thing I would tell you is that when God is ready to orchestrate the plans He has for your life--it won't be because you have done all the leg work.He is already preparing the way. He is preparing you--His tool.When He is ready to release you nothing will be able to stand in the way. Doors will open miraculously. People will come to you because He sent them.
I think from my own life that satan would have us strive to figure things out instead of just being still knowing that God is working on our behalf on His time table.
I would encourage you just to search for Him with all your heart. I know you do. And let Him fill you till it over flows naturally on those that He intends it to flow on. And then when that first time comes you will be presenting His message. A message that was formed by a life walked out with Him.
I know the fire burning in your belly. Sometimes it can be like a freight train barreling down the rails out of control. But in Him teaching you to control that train and hold it back--it will become an even more powerful force.
Then when HE release you--watch out Satan! Watch out gates of hell!
I love you girl. I love the passion in your heart that I can so identify with.Your Daddy knows your heart too. When His eyes scan the earth looking for a heart willing to do His bidding--He sees you.

Nicki said...

Thank you brought tears to my eyes today with your refreshing words. I praise Him for it!! Thank you for praying for my friend's little girl, I know she will appreciate it too.

Pastor Lisa said...

Special prayers for the sweet little girl and her family and Happy Birthday to your little one.

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