Friday, November 09, 2007

Turn that thing OFF!!!

I have made a declaration in my home today........NO MORE NEWS BEFORE A QUITE TIME, EVER!!!! I was just watching about 10 minutes of a morning show and here's what I got......."Our toys are lethal to our kids", "People hate dogs", "America is fat", "A mother just killed two innocent children RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD FROM ME", "Food poisoning is happening" and "We are still in a major drought which we could run out of water in oh...FOUR MONTHS". Can I get an "OH MY"???? See what I get for turning on the news before my quite time?? Turn that thing off!!

And how funny is it that as I open my devotion today, it's on "Common Enemies", the verse is Romans 8:31 "What then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?" BUT, I have to say, that right now my mind is turning and twisting saying, "But Lord, MANY people are against us." The more I get involved in our church, the more my eyes are opened to how things "really are". When I read this verse, a few people actually came to my mind.....well, hold on, back up, Ok, let's talk about this verse for a second. According to this scripture, With God on our side, NO ONE can stand against us and WIN. Right? THAT is the key...."win". We will have MANY people stand against us and it may appear that they win, "now". But, there will come a day when Victory will prevail.

But, here's the really sad part.....When I first read this verse, I actually had several Christians come to my mind. We as Christians sure do let each other down a LOT. And I'm sure you all would agree that many MANY times we appear to be "against" each other. So then I think, "Well Lord, who's gonna prevail through that???" I think the answer would be those who we stop viewing as "enemies". Sometimes it takes a big SUCK IT UP of the pride, to admit we were wrong, and our words were a little harsh or rude. That's not the easiest thing to do, especially within the body of Christ. We will throw this "Well the Lord told me this and the bible says that and well I think you're wrong and you're motives are this and that...." when in fact the plank is in our own eye. But, what I see is more than EVER, Satan is at work within the body of Christ BIG TIME. He is attacking like I've never seen before, marriages, friendships, jobs, kids.....and maybe it's just me "growing up" that my eyes are opened more, but after talking with a friend just the other day about this, she agreed......things are getting ugly.

So now....more than I ever, I've got to be really prepared every time I wake up...just like the battle began in my mind before 6am this morning, with watching the news....the battle is ON, it's everywhere, and the facts are there are people against us all the time. So am I ready? Do I know my grounds? Do I know what God says about things? Am I engulfed in prayer each day? Hmmm......serious things to think about this morning. Victory is on the way....but what do I do until then???? PLAY HARD. (not that our relationships with Christ should be viewed as a game, but you get the point) =)

Birthday party was GREAT!!! I somehow managed to get everything done!! Hopie is still on cloud nine! It doesn't take much! She has SO MUCH art stuff I don't know what to do!!!! Hope is my creative one, but she's also my messy MESSY one!! I HAVE to tell ya'll this, and only because I know this momma reads my blog sometimes and she will totally think this is cute!......One particular little boy, who my Hopie has taken GREAT interest in, they are just "friends" but they are so cute. Hope comes home from school SO excited that this little boy is coming to her party.....she says, "I know what he got me, he told me!" Laughing I said, "Oh really? What is it?" She smiles sweetly as says, "I think he said it's a bath robe". Thinking she was way off since the momma left me a message saying that HE had picked this present out himself I said to her "Ok, well we'll just see." SURE ENOUGH!!! He got her this TOTALLY CUTE CHEETAH PRINT ROBE!!! And I have NEVER seen a child more excited to give a present to another child, He was like "OH It's MY TURN!! Here Hope!!!" The cutest thing EVER!!! And she sure did sleep in that thing last night because she IS a feature Cheetah girl, didn't you know!!! =) That boy will make a woman very happy one day!!!

Tooth fairy drama is over! Although, she's got another loose! I loved hearing all of you're stories about this too!! It makes me feel better! And I actually remembered a time when my parents FORGOT too!! They tried to play it off the SAME WAY!!! It's funny how those memories come back!

I got an e-mail this morning that just about made ME float to cloud nine, but it's still all got to be prayed over and talked about some more, but ya'll.....GOD IS WORKING!!!!

Well, my day is filled with a very messy house and lot's of laundry! Can't you just tell I'm SO EXCITED. =) I'm sure it will be filled with LOT'S of art projects too!!! Hope already has things lined up! Thanks for visiting, thanks for the comments, thanks for just reading about "life" with me! I'm always excited to meet new blogging friends, and I always love to know who you all are! I hope you all have a great weekend! Have a blessed day!!!


Kellan said...

I loved the story about the bathrobe given to your daughter by her "little boyfriend"! How adorable and won't that be a fun story for her when she gets older? Glad to hear she had a good party. Have a good weekend - keep away from that news! See ya.

Neva said...

Awww, that little boy must have a great momma and daddy as role models. Glad the birthday party was so great! When my kids were little we got sick of the negative news too, so every morning over breakfast, I gave them the assignment to find some "good news" to bring to the dinner table. Over dinner, we all shared our "good news"---it was wonderful and provides great memories and stories for us when we are all together.

Have a beautiful weekend

ValleyGirl said...

I refuse to watch news. I know some would accuse me of hiding my head in the sand, and maybe that's true, but I think hearing the constant barrage of HORRIDNESS is just not good for anyone.

So a cheetah-print bathrobe from a little boy, eh? Wow, that's impressive! That little guy's already got most women figured out!!!! Glad to hear the party was a success!

Lucy said...

Hey, girl. I appreciate the prayers. Everything is OK. Grandma is still hanging in there, but I don't think it's going to be much longer. She's keeping a fever of 102. She's had little to nothing to eat in the past 11 or 12 days and hasn't taken a drop of fluids since noon yesterday. I've been dreading this day since I was a little girl, but I do know that she's going to be much better off when she goes and I will most definitely see her again. I just kind of feel like I'm losing my "Elijah." Thanks for asking and thank you very much for the prayers. It's funny how we can "meet" someone through a blog, never meet them in "real life", never talk to them on the phone, yet develop a true friendship with them and think about them during the day even when we're away from our computers. I pray for my blog sisters a lot and definitely appreciate the prayers y'all send up for me.

sa said...