Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tooth Fairy, Birthday Girl and Paci Sucker Wannabe

Ok, so Kris and I just are AWFUL parents!!! Oh my.....we are just not doing a good job convincing our kids of this "tooth fairy" "Santa" and the "Easter bunny". Taylor, bless her heart, has not lost hardly ANY teeth, just one, and had to have one pulled out. her amazement, as she bit into an apple yesterday afternoon, POP, out one came!! She was SUPER excited!! "The tooth fairy's coming!! WHOO HOOO!!!" In my mind......."make side-note in brain, tooth fairy must come tonight". Well...needles to say, OOOOOPSSS! I forgot!!! JUST as I was nudging her, "Time to wake up." I started to walk out of her room and I was like "OH MY GOSH!!!!" I started to hear moans from her pillow......"Mommy.......The TOOTH FAIRY DIDN'T COME!!!" I quickly looked at Kris and he darted to the kitchen to grab a dollar. But, I was like, "HOW ON EARTH are we gonna pull this off???" So while she's still rubbing her eyes, trying to figure out what on earth happened Kris and I make our way into her room.

"Taylor.....I don't know, maybe she forgot. KRIS, did you call her??" "Yes, I called her." Thankfully the girl's have bunk beds and my husband is oh so smooth......(sometimes). Taylor is about to cry and Kris starts fumbling around the bed, drops a dollar and tells Taylor to maybe look under the bed. Well, ok she does and find her dollar.....BUT, she's NOT BUYING IT!!! OH MY!!! WHAT HAVE WE DONE!!! "mommy....are you sure the tooth fairy is real why didn't she take my tooth??" "Taylor do YOU think the tooth fairy is real?" deep thoughts begin to pour from her little mind...."I don't know...." Oh I have failed.....Lord forgive me, I horrible at make believe!!

Now.....for the Paci Sucker Wannabe.......Ya'll, my Kennedy has NEVER sucked a paci, never wanted one, never never never. Not that I'm against paci's, I think they are great, she just preferred her thumb, so we went with it. 22 month old diva has fallen into peer pressure.......ALREADY!!! These two friends that she has, yes, she only has about three bless her heart.....well they are paci suckers! So, I'm sure you remember the picture of the ghost ring in her mouth right?? That she declared was her paci from that moment forth!! Well, the ghost ring got......uh, lost? YES, lost. (not really, I left it on purpose in our hotel room in Virgina thinking this was just a "phase") Well.....the drama mamma has proved herself wise with my friend, who Kennedy insisted that she has a paci! She gave her an extra one and boy oh boy, you would've thought that this tweedle tot has had a paci all her life. Walking around telling everyone she has a paci......crying for the paci....oh she has it down to a T.......Scary to think of the poser she may be one day!! =) And yes, I am a BAD momma, I have "played along" with her little paci game (only because she's so darn cute).......So last night at church, apparently some other little girl, a real paci sucker, took note that the Kennyboo now had one and she was indeed a thumb sucker...this girl knew! She grabbed that paci from her mouth and stuck it right into hers!! So down in toddler central they had a knock down over who indeed is the real paci sucker's and who are just the wannabes.....uh hum...Kennedy! Those poor teachers.....if only they knew how the Kennyboo is playing them!

And last but not least! It's my Hopie BIG DAY!!! It's her birthday!!! Hooray!! The princess arose from her bed this morning, in expectation of everyone surrounding HER and making a huge deal about HER, because after all......she IS the middle child. And just like in middle child fashion.......the older sibling was dealing with the tooth fairy drama!!! Oh that poor girl!! So I'm off to make her day super special! I have a chapel to attend, cupcakes to bring to school, cake to pick up, presents to wrap, a party to get ready for at the big CC (Chuck Cheese)and there's something else.......I just can't think of what it is right now...OH my. Well, I'd better go!

Have a blessed day!!


Valarie said...

Tell my sweet Hope Ms. Valarie says Happy Birthday!!

BTW - you're not the only "Parent of the year". Once I forgot the tooth fairy and I told my son that since it was August the tooth fairy takes EVERY August off to go to Hawaii on vacation!! AWFUL, I KNOW!! Funny thing is one of his friends lost a tooth the next August and he told him not to expect any money because the tooth fairy was on vacation in Hawaii!! lol!! Sometimes we just don't make the best decisions as parents, do we? hahaha

Have a great day girl!

ValleyGirl said...

Sounds like a busy day! Hope the tooth fairy trauma is over by the time the partying begins!!

Sharon said...

Run Run!
Happy birthday Hope.
Have a sweet day full of good memories.

Kellan said...

First off - your girls are adorable!! We are failing over here in the tooth fairy department too! I have 4 kids, been doing the tooth fairy thing for 15 years (my youngest is 6) - you are not alone. I'm Kellan - nice to meet you.

CrownLaidDown said...

Happy Birthday to your big girl Hope! Tell her that I love her name...and am praying for her on her special day.
Much love,

Lisa said...

Oh my goodnes Nikki....that is so funny. My youngest one has a small box that he puts his teeth in and then the tooth fairy takes the tooth and replaces it with money. Well guess what...back during the summer when we had the fire and had to move....he found the box and said, "Mama, why are my teeth still in here?" Now try to explain that one....i forgot how I exlain it but I think this year may be the last one for Santa Claus....hope I am wrong but he is starting to ask a whole lot of questions.

Oh and the pasi issue...oh so cute. All 3 of mine had one. I love it.

Love ya girl,

Leigh Gray said...

yep - done the same tihng!!! kids are so forgiving because they want to believe - hmmmmmmmmm - ithink there is a spiriutal application righ thtere!!!

love, Leigh

Pastor Lisa said...

Then I must be awful because we dispelled Santa, The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy while the kids were young!