Monday, November 12, 2007

Late post but lot's of thoughts

Well, I'm off to a very late start this week. I was bound and determined to be up and at em this morning but you off of school means sleeping in, my bed was just TO WARM and cozy this morning!!! Oh that mean ol bed! My girls have themselves a sweet little friend over and they are all coloring and doing art projects at the table and Kennyboo is napping so I have a few moments to gather my thoughts.

Life is getting busy. I looked at my calender for this week and I got a big OH MY. But, I know that many times it's through the busy things of life is when the enemy starts to attack me the most. Last night I was able to just sit and soak up some of the goodness I had experienced at church yesterday. It was just incredible! Our other pastor, Dr.Rummage spoke and he was just FILLED with the spirit. I was kicking myself for forgetting my journal b/c I know now I'm going to have a really hard time remembering everything!

What I just can't get over is how much the Lord has been speaking to me about this Refiners Fire thing. It's HUGE. I was working on my bible study Saturday night and then BOOM there goes Dr.Rummage preaching my bible study the next morning!! HOW FUNNY!!! =) HA HA, Dr.Rummage preaching MY bible study, I don't think so. Obviously God is speaking and to more than just one person!!! Isn't it funny how sometimes we think we are the ONLY ones God has revealed something to. And in a strange sorta way, I think that's right where God wants us.......thinking we are just so special, so the only one important to him, so just in His presence, and we are the only one's there!!! I believe that's what it means when we say He is "MY" God. But, I also think we have to be careful to not let that turn into something it's "God can ONLY speak to ME, and whatever you say is wrong." That's not who God is either........ he speaks, he moves and he works in all different ways!

Ok, back to what I learned.......Listen to this totally awesome verse: 1 Thessalonians 5: 24 "The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it." Holy guacamole where do I even begin????......... MY God is so faithful and yes, He has called me into his presence to sit and dwell for the moment, got that, for the moment. "He will do it." That's HUGE!!! Dr.Rummage has talked about visions and the difference between visions and actually DOING something. YES, the Lord gives us that vision but if it is truly from HIM, HE will make it come into play. And there is nothing, NOTHING I can do to change his mind.

When I think about what the Lord has called me to do......I have to stop, and remember God has only called me to be faithful, to be set apart and to not be like this world. The WAY I do that may change from day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year. But my faithfulness to the Lord can only come from His spirit drawing me to Him. I can't stand it when we miss church, miss a quiet time, or forget to pray about something. It's almost like my spirit is weak when I do. BUT, if I can remember that HE is faithful to me, and remember that it is HIM who has called me his, life just starts to look very different...sleeping in doesn't feel so good all of the sudden!

There's a lot of uncertainty in our future, but who doesn't have that???? I think when we start to think we've got it all figured out, we'd better take a deep breath and just watch what happens. That's been the case for me anyways. Just when I think I've moved the last time, gotten settled or think I'm working things out God suddenly throws me a curve ball. Do you ever feel this way? I hope I'm not the only one!!

I'm believing God for some huge things right now......oh I wish I could share all the things they are. But God is speaking to Kris big time about our family and it's been a long coming prayer of mine to have a husband who is seeking God's will. Ya'll pray for him, but also he's playing the drums Wed night for the youth!! Yes, my sporty hubby is a rock star wannabe! =) He's wanted to get back into playing so this is a HUGE step for him!!

Well, looks like the girls have headed outside and left a lovely mess for me to clean up.....oh those boogers are so lucky they have a friend here!! Have a blessed day!!

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