Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lord, remind me to pray

Oh Father, as I think of all there is to do today and my own personal struggles, it's easy to get "caught up" in it all. Forgive me. I have a sweet friend who is very much a prayer warrior.....it's her passion in life. She eats, drinks and breathes prayer, I need this in my life Lord. As awful as this sounds, sometimes I really forget to pray except during my quite times. Continually throughout our days we are always hearing, seeing and learning about different needs all around us. My first thought is always, "What can I do to help?" but to be honest, God's really revealing to me that my first thought needs to be, "I really need to be in prayer for that situation."

Don't get me wrong, I have definitely seen the hand of God at work through prayers, but this morning I did a bad thing......yes, I caught a moment of the news before I came before you Lord. They were talking about the drought a lot of this country is in, our own state included, and they had an atheist on there who said how "silly" he thought it was that people were "praying". And then they showed how in China they shoot up some kind of chemical in the air to bring the rain, it works, and it kinda made my heart sad b/c I never knew of such a way to bring rain, I honestly thought only you God could create rain. This atheist continued to say how he has seen other government officials request prayers for rain and how it hasn't worked. Well, my first thinking was, YA, because they meet ONE time on the steps of a government building they expect the rain to come pouring down. THAT is seeking the Lord in vain.

Obviously you Lord are withholding rain for a reason. Perhaps it's to remind His people to pray, and not just pray once, pray continually.........ouch, myself is included in that BIG time. It's really easy to pray a lot when you're awaiting a decision, trying to heal a broken heart or get through a super hard time, but when we're in the midst of our "normal busyness", it's hard to remember. That needs to change in my life. I really need to get this through my heart.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-17 "Be joyful always, pray continually."

Father please help me to remember this, and remember it clearly. Lord, I know that at any moment you may be ready to step off your throne and return to this world and take us believers home......how my heart longs for that day, but until then, I pray that I would be reminded to pray.......all the time. Not just when I come across a crisis or a big decision or just during my quite times. Father, I know you are walking beside me all day long, you know all that I will face even today. You know all that this world needs and you hold it all in the palm of your hand. Lord, keep me grounded today, keep my feet upon your solid rock. I've felt the attacks on my life already this morning and I truly need your power in my life.

Lord, many people are on my heart this morning. I lift each of them up to you and I pray that you would meet needs specifically in the way you see fit. Lord, not our will or our desires but only your hearts desires for our lives. I pray for all the marriages on my heart, my own included, and I pray for each person who reads this blog today, may you bless them in a very real and powerful way.

Use me today Father, may you be very real to me today. May you work in ways I've never seen before. Be "MY" God to me today, my very own. Go before me now, I love you so much and I thank you for all the blessings you have given me today, especially the one screaming in her bed. I love you Lord, oh I love you.....Amen


ValleyGirl said...


It seems you and I are both struggling with more than just our weight. (and no, that battle has not gone well this week!)

Sharon said...

Prayer-something that I have been thinking on also.
I pray today that you KNOW your God sees your heart. It makes Him smile.
Keep pressing in. Pushing all those things out of the way that try to keep us from His throne.
Love ya girl
It is good to know that even though there is a drought in the land there is not a drought for God in our hearts.

Kellan said...

I have always been one to pray - yet I don't do it with the sort of devotion I really should - thanks for the reminder. Take care.

Anonymous said...